Steel Pickaxe does not gather Brimstone

Like the title says:
Steel Pickaxes do not gather Brimstone, at least not any in the “Executioners Entrance”

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Make Pickaxe
Go to Executioners Entrance
Mine Brimstone
Get annoyed that you made a trip for nothing.

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Getting same problem,cant mine underwater brimstone

Star Metal does not gather anything either. Was trying to get it from the Shattered Springs and made a stone pick to test if it’s broken completely, but the stone pick worked lol

Star Metal pick works perfectly fine for me, but as far as I know the Pickaxe doesn’t gather brimstone for anyone.
It’s very strange if the star metal pick doesn’t harvest brimstone for you, I’ve never seen anyone else mention that.

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SM works great to me with the tool upgrade kit ofc.

And yeah pickaxe doesn’t gather a bunch of things it should as an axe or a pick… Like NO heads at all from animals. except dragon but that one has been gotten even with a skinning knife :smiley: