Still Crashing and purge meter filling while doing so?

Game mode: Online 2501
Problem: Constant crashing/body disappearing and spawning in desert after dc
Region: USA
Literally this is ridiculous. I have tried over the past two days to stay connected to the server long enough to even get a 2 by 2 shack to no avail.
I was not even able to play yesterday as the game just kept dash boarding me. NOW i get in and if I spawn on my bedroll I dc a few secs later, not minutes but secs. Or I spawn in in the desert as if I have no spawn point.
On top of that my body is no where to be found after the fact. So literally starting over each time i spawn in.
What was the point of the early preview to be exact? Was it not to fix these things. Your own patch notes even say that you are focused on stability and optimization of the servers but yet here we are 2 days in and they function WORSE than before launch.
I made a nice, calm post about the issue and it got moved to suggestions??? Like really?? Its a suggestion to fix the crashing
or the dash boarding and body problems???
I don’t want to give up on this game but at this time I don’t know what else to do. I feel as if all effort is wasted to continue to “try” and play this non-functioning title. Worse even the whole time this is going on my purge meter is still moving? HOW???
Like how is that even possible when I literally have “played” the game maybe 30 mins total? Between two days??
With that being said I’m gonna just let this sit in my xbox library until things straighten out. I hope soon but…