Still get the unable to log in message

What the heck is happening? Am I going to be able to log in later and everything is gone? What happened?

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I just did the "verify the integrity of files thing on Steam and then logged in fine. Don’t know if that was the fix but I got in

I verified my integrity and it didn’t work.

There has to be some kind of workaround because Steam Charts is showing that the concurrent online pop for Conan is going up. So some people somewhere have discovered what to do.

I can’t log in since yesterday evening. Always get unable to log you into FC live services

The Info is just saying that x amount of steam user have conan running not who is on a server playing.

The Problem is on Funcom’s side, you have to log in to there house intern online service and that log in is broken right know.
Or at least lets say that it is not allowing peps to log in from different regions in the world.

I for one from Germany i had that problem last night for some time, than it worked and than faild again in the night.

There is a workaround if you have a vpn you can try and switch to east us servers like florida or San Fran there is a chance not 100% but there is one that this will get you in.

The Don

Conan Exiles auf Twitter: „Hello everyone, we are aware of the current issues preventing some players from connecting to Conan Exiles. We are investigating the problem to find the root cause and will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience.“ / Twitter

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