Still no 60 fps?

Once a big fan now just disgusted by the greed of this company and lack of making things right for PlayStation 5.

Anyone can confirm that it’s still 30 fps without next gen update?
Are they still sucking Microsoft’s …….?
They got the update 2 YEARS AGO!


I bought the game last Christmas sale, and haven’t played since after finding out it’s 30fps. Was patient to wait for the update…

But it looks like Funcom is deliberately leaving out 60fps on PlayStation while microsoft gets a special treatment (we don’t know if they got incentives or not, but Conan has MORE PlayStation players than xbots - truly regret buying into this scam, I wish I refunded this BS

The problem also is most of the community is stuck on the PS4 trying so hard not to buy the PS5 even though it’s so cheap… so even more incentive for Funcom to not upgrade and keep the next-gen exclusive to microsoft and their ■■■■■■ console


Upgrade for ps5 I read last year could kill ps4 don’t know the truth of it

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So it’s 2025, PS6 is about to release… and the game’s still stuck at f******* 30fps… because for stupid reasons.

Meanwhile every other platform has 60fps. No more BS excuses, Funcom just doesn’t want to that’s all. PS5 outnumbers xbox everywhere in the world even in the USA.

30fps? I have almost 10 fps near some bases on PS5

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