Ps5 Upgrade…. Xbox Upgrade?

So it’s been an entire year since Xbox has gotten there next gen console upgrade. Better graphics, and 60+ FPS. Where is The PS5 version? Funcom has done absolutely nothing for PlayStation and are now asking the same players (Ps5) to further support them by buying their battlepass…?? :man_facepalming:t2: Are you kidding me?

Guess what ? Xbox and Pc get to play Conan with beautiful graphics and smooth frames. Their battlepass is $10.
PS5 gets to play Conan with terrible graphics and horrendous fps…. battlepass is still $10 :wink:

Point is, it’s been an entire year and all they have done for Ps5 is add a PAID console restricted battlepass.

I own every single DLC for Conan on ps5 and I can’t even Use my DLC or progress on Xbox or pc to have a better optimized experience on the game because they do not care. I Don’t think I’ve ever heard of another game with a strictly paid battlepass that is not cross platform progression. :thinking:

If you are on PlayStation, seriously please do not continue to support these developers until they support us. Period. Until Ps5 gets a true Next Generation upgrade like Xbox got A YEAR AGO. I will not spend another dollar on this game.


every time they announce an update I think, oh my god, they’re going to update the bugs again.


Get a series x :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:

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I have one lol but I’m out of the money I spent on dlc for PlayStation cause Funcom doesn’t support cross progression :joy:

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