Stop breaking things

I don’t know if you can appreciate how frustrating it is with forced updates to have a fun, somewhat working game (albeit with tons of ignored bugs) one day and then the next day an absolute disaster. There is the concept of a “rollback” which you should seriously consider, especially with a terrible release like 2.1. Besides all the extra bugs you introduced, the game crashes so constantly that it is unplayable. We are totally at your whim, we can’t just go back to playing the game we were playing yesterday that at least didn’t crash.


Agreed. I had to make a profile here just to voice my disdain for all the crud you are pulling. This recent update is a major spit in the eye to players for 2 very important reasons.

1- You never consider that maybe your updates are only causing more a hassle in more ways than one for players.
2- When you do update the game, you don’t ever fix things that should actually be fixed. Know that whole flying rhino/elephant thing? If not it shows you have not test played this game.

There’s also the things you people said would add in the past, yet you never do. Remember magic? Yeah, you never delivered on it. There was a mod that did, it was awesome, and your needless update with all it’s contraptions that only serve to make things more tedious ruined that. Shame on you- no, seriously- SHAME ON YOU!!

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At this point I´m basically ready to give up on this game, I´m tired of the hassle making my server work after every pointless update.

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