Stop patching Conan Exiles PC

To be fair and in the name of parity Funcom should stop patching the PC version until they can deliver the 2.3 patch to the console community.


Saw the title, went “WTF kind of entitled BS is this,” read the post, 100% agreed even though I’m purely a PC player. It kinda reminds me of Mojang’s current staus between Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Even now, with them (admittedly seemingly) trying to shift attention to Bedrock instead of Java, Java is ahead of Bedrock in terms of features. If the console edition of an otherwise identical game has fallen behind the PC edition, you as a developer are not doing your playerbase any favors.


Correct and the fact that the Xbox version is broken for so many of the others is highly unacceptable. Upon people buying the game and acceptance of the terms & conditions Funcom entered into a legally binding contract which is a legal issue as long as people can’t access servers due to dashboarding. Funcom has to take responsibility for their mistakes and mismanagement of the game.


To be fair and in the name of parody Funcom should continue patching the PC version while they work to deliver the 2.3 patch to the console community.

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Yes they should keep working on pc as their team is different areas and I’m on Xbox but they should keep working on pc as they work on console. The Xbox situation is a problem that been going on with the dashboarding but dashboarding is not real it’s something went wrong but unlike pc Xbox and ps doesn’t have access to everything on our console as it’s locked up per say so we have no way to bring of files or data on crash which makes it easy to fix pc but console not so much. But they did narrow down the issue with libraries is terminated the process but I don’t have any issues with mine as I use an external hard drive with a few things which is why I wonder that’s the reason I not affected but I have no way of truly knowing unfortunately

Oh ps that’s not going to happen and we all do or should know that

Assuming – looooool, dangerous assumption, but let’s run with it – assuming the console patch is not the absolute disaster of patches they’ve been subjecting us to on PC for many months, be grateful that us PC players beta tested everything for you.

I wish I could go back to the game as it was 6 months ago. The fixes and improvements that have happened are completely overshadowed by the new bugs introduced.

Until the console issue is resolved I recomend console players to flood PC and Siptah forums.

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Patch after patch, cuz they can’t do it right…


Meh, we’re all going to go down with this ship.

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since pretty much everything i can think of violates the community rules i will leave it at a simple: no


I think that more than doing this, I would like the console community to unite to vote for the update release system to be the same as before because before the updates were released at the same time for PC and Consoles and the system now is to first perfect the updates on PC and then release it on Consoles months later.

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The problem with that is CE is run by a skeleton crew because the majority ran off to Dune.

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actually last i checked the devs work on all games at same time its on their home page and they have 66 positions open for the company

Gloatingtomb6 said:
actually last I checked the devs work on all games at same time its on their home page and they have 66 positions open for the company

Wait, they’re hiring? 'Scuse me one sec…

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Mmmm I’m not sure I get it are you applying or it this a ??? I’m not sure

There’s no reason to delay PC patches. There is no crossplay. Besides that, the PC version is basically beta testing each patch before it goes to consoles.

I was thinking about applying, if any of their openings were a good fit. Unfortunately none are.

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If they have 66 positions open then they are literally running on a skeleton crew.