Storm siege beast Krllyand doesn't draw thrall agro

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [ Please enter your server region ]
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Krllyand beast is the only one that my thralls have difficulty attacking. All the other siege beasts immediately draw defender thrall agro when they spawn, but Krllyand only seems to draw 1-2 thralls at a time. Even when thralls get attacked by it, they can still sit there and ignore it. My own following thrall usually ignores all my commands to attack it.

Sorry to say that I have not also tested on a clean, unmodded server as of yet. If nobody confirms the issue, I’ll dive into deeper testing in single play and unmodded dedicated server modes.

On a side note, we could really do without the rhino-esque flying corpse when it dies. My tiny little arrow should not send it flying 100 feet into the air.

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This beast also has issues when summoned at the pools. It’s basically impossible to hit, thralls lose agro, and it gets stuck on the walls which makes it hover out of reach while it lasers you to death. It’s the only spawn that I’ve totally given up trying to kill, because it just isn’t worth it. I either get vaporized in 1-2 shots, or it despawns due to timing out.

A lot of the bosses need work(hitbox issues, instant spinning mid attack like they have zero mass and stand on a turntable) but the Kryllandian is by far the worst.

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Thank you for your report and feedback. Can you both share with us if you also experience the same issue without mods active?

We need to rule out the basics to send the best information possible to our team. :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding.

This is all anecdotal, since it’s a while back and I don’t have relevant files to offer, so please give it only what weight you think it merits.

I also experienced much of the same issues being described above by DeMonet, without mods (the problems at the pools - I did not experience the siege problems described by Sirvink, as I did not build in the right location for that). Firespark even made a video showing deliberately getting the Kryllandian stuck on the pool wall as an easy way to ‘cheese’ (which is what happened to me by accident as well - it climbed up onto the wall near the plinth and couldn’t get back down, most of it’s attacks couldn’t reach me, and I could stab it in the foot). I’ll see if I can figure out which video.

For me, I think one key problem with the Kryllandian, at least at the pools is its attack radius (something that should be looked at with a few of the large bosses) - as with all enemies at the grey pools, it aggros exclusively on the summoner, but its attack radius is so large that it requires a double dodge to avoid. For the singleplayer, this makes it an incredibly frustrating fight as you have to move in, strike once, double dodge and then continue to evade to regen stamina so you can repeat that process hundreds of times. As DeMonet notes, it’s not easy to strike when you do get that moment, and thralls also have a lot of trouble with it. ‘Simply’ reducing its attack radius to one that a full dodge can escape (so it strikes only where the graphics show it striking rather than half a body length beyond that) and expanding its hit box (again to match the graphics) so that strikes to its extremities don’t just go through, would go a long way to improving the fight.

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Thank you for your feedback @DanQuixote.

We forwarded all the information to our team. However, if you can send us videos showing the issue it would help us a lot.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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@Mayra I’m sorry, I’ve just gone through all of Firespark’s Siptah videos looking for it, but can’t find the footage I’m thinking of. The best thing I can think of is to ask if @Firespark81 happens to remember which video he showed how to break the Kryllandian fight? (Or if anyone else reading this has a better memory than me of where to find it).

Sorry I couldn’t be more useful.

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To clarify, The experience I relayed in my previous comment was also without mods.


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