Stormglass gates have an issue that makes them unusable in defense

The stormglass set looks great and has so many building pieces that are functional. The gate however, has one glaring issue that none of the other gates have which IMO renders it functionally unusable. The top of the gate juts out far enough to allow a player to climb and jump up onto it even if there are fences, and especially if that fence is crenelated. You can climb and jump straight through the crenellation, where as this is not the case with any other building set of gates and fences. It really seems like an oversight. This shouldn’t be possible. Can this be fixed? The depth of the gates be adjusted?


I think this could be fixed by adjusting the collision without needing to make any changes to the graphics, so I can’t imagine it would be too difficult or time-consuming.


That’s true, didn’t even think about that. Just so that it has the same scaling profile as the other gates which are mostly flush like wall pieces. Would be a super easy adjustment I imagine.

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