Strametal sickle vs hops seeds... :(

I am using a starmetal sickle with the advanced tool upgrade and can’t help but notice there is some strange things going on with it.

I wanna farm hops seeds the 99% of the cases I get normal “seeds” and a lot of that from hops and the hops leaves also a good yield.
And only in very very ( in fact too rare) rare cases I got like 4-5 hops seeds.
So like 1500 twine later I have like 50 hops seeds ONLY harvesting hops bushes end up like 5-6 stacks of normal seeds, and dropping like 2k hops leaves. With the hard worker perk.

I bet this is not intentional. if it is please reconsider this nonsense or make the deco planters require the leaves not the seeds.
Back to the original case: SM sickle is only works (or seems to work) normal on normal plants (fiber + seeds) and on berry bushes they give the correct seeds.

Seems the case not only affect hops. I wasn’t able to get ANY black lotus seeds with it till I gathered 2k of flowers.

What do you need so many hop seeds for?!

Seems to work fine for me, though hop seeds do seem a bit more rare than leavening seeds. It could just be because I find less hop plants than leavening plants though.

Oh yeah and Hard Worker is useless on plants (except trees) since they only take 1 hit anyway. It doesn’t give you a higher yield overall, just makes it take less hits for the same total resources.

Decoration. Arboretum. Hops is the most bright green of them all so I need a TON of it. :smiley:

I guess something is off with a lookup table or anything EZ BugCom like that.
Because leavening agent and mandrake, and lupin seems fine to me, but hops giving “normal” seeds 99% of the time.

Btw if you wanna see a lot of hops just move to the northwest side of Assgarden just outside the palisade wall.

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Hah, thanks for the tip!

I really should check out the decorations, I haven’t messed with those yet.

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