Strange frequent game freezes

I just decided to start playing AoC again after a 9 years break. Been playing for 6-7 hours now. During that time, my game has crashed somewhere between 15-20 times. However, it isn’t a crash as such, the game freezes (sometimes in-game, sometimes on the loading screen), and I can do nothing. Everything on my computer sort of freezes. I can click around in other programs, but I can’t perform any action. If I end the game task via task manager, it too freezes, and after 5-15 minutes, the game shuts down and all is fine again. Sometimes the game doesn’t shut down, but just starts working again like nothing has happened. Sometimes even my network card shuts off for no apparent reason? I am really at a loss here about what is happening.

I have a new quite OP computer, which includes:
AMD x570 -something motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5900x
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
64 GB of DDR4 RAM
– The hardware should not be lacking power
I run Windows 10.

I run the game with high graphics with no noticeable performance issues. I have tried using DirectX9 and 10, windowed and unwindowed mode, and I have played around with the graphics. No difference. I have also verified the game files via the AoC Launcher. I have installed the game through Steam, and have disabled the Steam overlay.

The reason I focus so much on the graphics, is because a game from 2008 uses between 50-70% of a top tier GPU from 2020, which seems a bit extreme. In particular, the login screen uses 70% of my GPU - How??? And for what purpose???

I consider myself quite tech-savvy, but I have no idea what is going on. Does anyone out there have some clue as to what is causing these crashes?


I have found what causes the error! Apperently it is my Razer Naga mouse. It is likely to be an error with my mouse, which has nothing to do with the game.

I would still like to know why the login screen uses 70% of my GPU

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That’s quite strange. I have run this game on a GTX1660 a GTX1050 and a GT1030 and none seemed to use that much of the GPU on the Loading Screen.
I also never exceeded 75% usage in-game no matter how high the graphics were and only issues i ever had are Latency related FPS drop when playing against non-EU and non-N.A players or some who used other methods to cause high latency as an exploit.

Something i personally encountered with the Mouse although quite rare was the Right Click Camera Lock not locking properly and be buggy but it eventually fixes itself after a while.

I don’t know if your issue could be Graphics Driver related, many people in other games seem to have problems with latest Nvidia Drivers concerning the 3000 Series and DirectX or Postprocessing Software. But it’s not always the case.
Others had issues with some 3000 series of certain companies only because of Microconductor quality but beyond that i can confirm there are some Nvidia Driver/ DirectX/ Crapware/ Firmware related issues lately.

I don’t know…

Honestly i doubt GPU would make much difference because if you try and farm the World Boss and you have all Particles on, wether with 2GB or 6GB or more VRAM Game was still freezing and it’s an old game thus it can’t benefit much from Newer Tech because of it’s Engine Limits.
Same goes for CPU Core Technology. As for screen refresh rate… I play with Unlocked Framerate without issues on a 75HZ monitor. Don’t know how it is with other Monitors.

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Thank you for your input. The graphics problem seems to mostly be significant during the whole login procedure. After I found out that it was my mouse causing the crashes, I maxed out all of the graphics. Running around in Khitai only results in 40-50% GPU usage, so that’s quite alright.

I’ve heard about the 3000 series drivers as well. I might look into that.

The GPU makes a significant difference when you go from a GeForce 960 to an RTX 3080 :stuck_out_tongue: But I get what you’re saying.

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Yeah. It’s just a shame the Game still has it’s limits even with an RTX 3080. AoC is Potato :smiley:

I have had this too. For me it was a hardware issue. After cleaning (blowing) under the mouse button it was fixed.

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Same behavior on loading screen with my new RTX3080. Since fps is uncapped the graphics card goes wild. But loading screen is usally short so I dont bother. Ingame with around 150-200 fps on average all is normal. Had same issues with razer mamba on my previous pc, it used to crashe once a day after first game launch. Razer in general (razer synapse) seems quite unstable an kinda fu…

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I’m happy it’s not just me. Thank you for confirming the “weird” behaviour! I’ll just live with it then :slight_smile: