Game Crashes A lot

I am new player and my game crashes each time I play. I dont think I tried changing my Directx number, but I may try that again just to be sure. I have directx 12 card and I think I just need to run on 9. But I think I tried that before. I really want to play this game. I am able to play lord of the rings online just fine, but this game is giving me issues. Please help. Also I am technology challenge so please bare with me.

Hard to say where the problem is. Does it happen when you play alone or when you play some group stuff like world boss? Press F10 to open the menu and set your video options lower maybe helps.

try to play windowed(fullscreen windowed) or stop alt tabing
also check if u have enough ram

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It happens like 10 or 15 minutes into the game. I dont have a chance to go in groups and stuff.

My computer says my installed ram is 2.00 GB. Is that too low or high? What should I do?

well,im pretty much sure its not enough for AoC, you can check it urself anyway:
1)zone in some location
2) open task manager(ctrl+alt+delete for me)
3) open performance tab(2nd one in the top for me)
and there you can see if it`s going to run out of 2gb, thats why ur game crashes imo

The specs say minimum is 1 gig of ram, 2 is better obviously . I would try running graphics on low setting, dx 9 might help. I am not that much of a techie, and my rig is a bit old but it runs fine. My isp drops once in a while, but that’s just my crappy isp. Good luck

he has 2gb installed,which means he has around 1.2GB available after running the system

I would be there is a fair bit less sitting available. With all the bloat on computers, particularly old ones that only have 2GB of ram and have been used for a decade, there isn’t much left over for hardware intensive games like AoC.

You could also try changing the tweaking tool setting in the launcher.

Yeah I guess that’s a bit light. I checked, I am running 4 gig on my ancient rig :grinning:

I just wanted to say he doesn`t even have 2gb :smiley:

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The good old memory leak.

Wait what do you mean? My computer says I have two gb. And my computer is old does that mean AoC wont work?

Your computer being old is partly the problem, back when game launched the background programs/apps did not eat as much memory they do today. For example my browser is currently eating more than 2GB of ram to put it into perspective. AoC only needs around 1GB to 1.5GB but you need more than 2GB of ram in 2019.

I still remember when I went from 2GB of ram to 4GB of ram waaaay back when I had issues in AoC and the step from 2GB to 4GB turned it from night and day. Unfortunately your crashes are because of your computer and there is not much that can be done to fix it without upgrading/replacing, you could play around with the windows page file but it probably won’t be smooth if you’re running an ancient 5400rpm HDD.

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i hardly run browser+ide with 2gb ram, idk how aoc is suppose to work with that :smiley:
and yet again, u only have 2gb until u run ur OS, after that it`s not even close to 2gb