Freezing/Crashing repetitively

Title says it all. Up till yesterday I’ve been running perfectly fine with high fps, with the occasional odd crash every few days (which I put down to the game…).

Since last night, however, I’ve not been able to run across more than 1/3 of any map without freezing up and crashing, occasionally giving me an “Assertion Failed - out of memory” pop up.

I did some digging around online and on the forums since I’m clearly not the first person to experience it, and have tried most of the fixes suggested on threads like this:!-(most-common-issues)

I’m not a huge computer intellect, and I’ve tried the whole bcedit /set thing to increase ram capacity, but I’m kinda stumped at this point. Any ideas?


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Lately I have been having the same problem. To the point that periodically I exit program and restart. I also have the system do the resource file check once a day. This problem has been occurring much more often than usual and for me, it started happening about 2 weeks ago. The same thing is being reported by guildies and Vizzy’s dungeon seems to be especially prone to this…

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It just seems odd to be happening now for me - have easily enough RAM installed and it’s a mid-high range pc, so should have absolutely no issues running AoC, and up till now it hasn’t! Happened a few times while zoning in recent weeks, but running round Chosain last night just crashed me like 8 times in a row

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We have a Digital Storm computer and it has everything that it should have. Nothing has happened like this until recently. We keep things up to date. So, I just dont know. It has reached a point that I rerun the repair option before going to Vizzy. So, if you figure it out, let me know…I even had a techno-geek friend coming over to look the computer, the game, yada, yada, yoda! I won’t understand a thing he says, but I hope he can figure it out…

Good Luck!

I have major problems too. I have been messing with some programs and files, and had thought I have screwed up Age of Conan somehow.

It will not load. I have done the file check, both in the patcher and through Steam. Nothing has worked.

I am now downloading the entire game again, if this does not work I will be at a loss of what to do. The rest of my games are fine, at least the ones I have checked.

So reading this I wonder if it is on my end or Funcoms.

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My tech-geek guy just left, and he couldn’t find anything wrong with our computer, our Windows, our modem, our Internet connection, and he couldn’t find anything that he could trace to our AoC game installation, but he did say, that we may want to remove the game and reinstall.

So heck if I know…but if this continues, I will try the remove and reinstall, but I would really rather not…

Funcom, if you are reading this, it isn’t just three of us…

I’ll let you know if reinstall fixes mine, but with my slow d/l it won’t be for awhile. Meanwhile, it’s on to other things for now.

Reinstall did NOT solve. I wouldn’t go through the agony unless absolutely necessary.

But I have found my problem I think…I am not techy enough to explain but it’s about Direct X versions . Part of what I was toying was Direct X and some other things to reduce lag on high graphics.

For now I just launch straight from the file and not through Steam as I have done for the last 6 or 7 years.
Now I am tired, stressed beyond my normal but at least I got the game to run.

Good luck and godspeed

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Had this problem too but one day I accidentally turned off my PC optimizer that frees up space on PC by removing unnecessary files, cookies and etc.(CCleaner), and since then game runs perfectly about 3months now.

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