"Strength Melee Damage Bonus" Anyone figured it out yet?

This question is in regards to a subject that has been posted earlier.

(They get into the same subject further down in the replies)

But I now have a skeleton lvl 5 with 5 strength that has 37% SMDB! (Strength Melee Damage Bonus)
That is roughly 7,5 % for each point in strength! I can notice the damage difference from just a short thrall leveling trip!

If skeletons weren’t so squishy, I would have actually used them with this damage growth. But my real question is if any of you have seen a pattern regarding race or group of the thrall, in relation to how fast SMBD grows with strength.

Just a note; I’m not thinking of the Melee Multiplier. This is probably separate from that.
(Recommended thrall sugestions is also welcome)

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