Strong Clan, Strong Buildings

One has accused, we would take a lot of space.

It was not like that.
But now we have decided to think and build gigantic.

So… like 22 animal pens… ?

I play with passion, not to win something.

And to say something too bad just means that you yourself are not capable of building something big, which also has style. :rofl:

It shows that you do not know what a ziggurat is. :joy:

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oh boy, hope this is all on a private server

My compliments. I am impressed by the scale of the Temple of PAIN. Bet you’re pulling in more gold from those taming pens than Fort Knox. :golfclap:

I was hoping that one of the other players from our server would respond to this. So I can rub the huge buildings under their noses. :joy::v:t4:

The ziggurat is not finished yet, we build it for 3 days. It is 100 foundations high, 200 foundations long and 100 foundations wide.

But why?

Because we can.



I like ironic people. :joy:

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