Over Building seems to become the normal thing to do on Conan these days


So is this is over building or naw almost the entire block of D-9 D10-E-9 E10

another Tribe has built from C8 to D9 massive wall and foundations some 200x200 just foundations no buildings while the rest are the size of unamed city reported and tickets just gets closed no reply bases still exist then they grow larger by the day people on the PS4 can’t come around are area we only survive on the PS5 for a little but longer it’s already starting to lag it’s blocking access can’t go over the wall they are spiked all the way up forced to go all the way around 2 map blocks to find they are building in to that block, beach area same way cluster of base massively built tribe , Flying Azure huge bases causing disconnects lag is intense but again nothing is being done.

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Report them , clearly against the TOS.


Overbuilding is the inevitable result of the development strategy Funkhram has pursued ever since Age of Sorcery.

They have heavily pushed new content that makes base building more interesting and they have constantly made combat worse every patch. If you enjoy PvE or PvP the game has just been getting steadily worse. The only people the game has been improving for are the builders, perhaps the RPers.

:rofl: Ya, good luck with that.

And how long have you been here? People have been building like that since funcom opened servers.

Everyone hates this idea but since funcom clearly can’t moderate their own servers they need to automate it. There is a ToC, I see examples of ToC violating builds every where, and most people are unaware. I’ve talked with people that thought it was automated and they had a limit like thralls, but hadn’t gotten there yet. Or thought there was active admin that would enforce the ToS when some one violated it.

Right now on my server; funcom’s public, there are 3 villages, I mean full little towns. Clearly a ToC violation but no one actually checks the ToC.

Yes they have pushed new content to built in styles. Doesn’t mean you have to add another wing to your kingdom. This is one of those “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” things.

THIS right here is my hot button, my ever loven top of the list pet peeves. I only see 2 solutions and only one is cost effective.

Yeah, i just recently moved to PC server and man, theres just mega structures everywhere, and the worst part is that they’re an eyesore. It would be ok if the aesthetic was nice but they’re just giant jumbled structures of everything you can imagine.

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Pretty sure I saw some massively over built structures back in early access. That was many many years before Age of Sorcery. And benches were much smaller back then too.

As an avid builder, and one who has been guilty of “overbuilding,” it’s builds like this that give builders a bad name. There’s no purpose to any of this. It’s like they’re building the Winchester Mystery House, but ugly… and not even a house.


Buidings vs foundations just slapped down to claim a entire zone isn’t the same the same nothing wrong with building when the building make sense and of course looks decent some are worse but what we value as are opinion others may not but my complaint is I built in my spot first and few days later this is months ago the person builds right along side of me boxing my base in so I can’t build any bigger even if I wanted to and the base next to me he can only build to the north west this person has built above me next to me north and north east and now is growing to the east of the map and moving south now that person has another person building just below him doing the exact same and his base is moving from the north going south east and west all the way to shattered springs and below it a single zone like D10 D11 D12 D13 north south east and west lol with bases that are in the sky it’s really insane

these photo’s don’t even do the complaint justice it’s just a mere shot of how far the camera itself can see in to the distance it’s capable of rendering to get the full picture I would need to record by video walking around the area or players would need to join the server but doing so don’t be on the PS4 you will have hell on your hands my buddy took almost 5 minutes to load in fully before he could move around then shortly after he got disconnected a few times.

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The cure to overbuilding is to change the nature of building. To prevent sprawl, everyone receives a building token. When you plant that token down somewhere, it reserves a 20x20 foundation area for you to build on, no more, no less. Instead of building out, people need to build up. It can’t be planted across rivers, in front of caves, or on top of named spawns.

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Since the release of Siptah in 2020. Sure, extravagant builds have always been a thing and that is actually good. I am not opposed to extravagant builds, it’s actually the main draw of official servers - seeing what other people create. Before Age of Sorcery I was able to mostly enjoy a combat-focused PvE experience on official servers. The only reason I changed servers was for a fresh start and to explore a new community.

Since Age of Sorcery I’ve just seen server after server get overbuilt to the point it is unplayable. Up until AoW Ch2 I had to abandon 3-4 servers because they were overpopulated, overbuilt, and unplayable. AoW Ch2 fixed that and made every server unplayable, so I just quit altogether.

My frustration is that Funkhram had no sensible plan. They pursued a development path that would inevitably lead to even more overbuilding and did nothing to ensure official servers remained playable.

  • Open more servers? No, they culled a bunch of servers not long before 3.0
  • Performance improvements? No, just more decorative items and with AoW Ch2 the absolute destruction of any sense of server performance

As usual Funkhram can’t think 2 steps ahead, honestly they struggle to even think 1 step behind.

This. It will take them a month to get to you, but when you get the automated message just tell them it hasn’t been resolved.

Different console but one of the EU servers I’m on was absolutely steamrolled by an admin. It’s nice to be able to travel again.

People can have large builds, but there’s no reason to take up two or more grids on the map on a public server.

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People thinking that is why we are where we are now, over built servers.
There is one person on the public server I’m on that if was given a time out, would cause half the ToC violating builds to vanish. ONE PERSON. By that metric all it takes is 3 or 4 people to ruin a server for everyone else on it. And think it’s ok. I mean it must be ok because they have done it and didn’t get punished.

There are people; as I have pointed out, that think there is a hard limit to building, like thralls, and since they haven’t gotten a warning they can still build.

There are people that will push and push to find the limit and will continue to build till the get a time out. Then gripe about not violating the ToC.

There are people that have been playing on some of these servers since they came up. And been building all that time. They figure since no one is enforcing the ToC they have nothing to worry about. Nothing has happened to them so they are convinced nothing will.

Lets not forget about the underhanded PVP use of the report system to mass report people not violating the ToC to “WIN” the war.

No matter how you slice or dice it this present system works for noone. It punishes the innocent and lets the violates continue to violate. I’ve said it before so you know damn good and well I’ll say it again.

I only see 2 viable solutions to the ToC issues on the public server. One is far more active admin; as in hire a dozen more people to investigate reports, or just police the servers themselves. Or hard building limits, either by count or land claim block/s.

Only one of those is relatively cheap.

By people can have large builds I mean functionally large, not I built 20 T3 furnaces in one room watch me crash the server. Workbenches need space, depending on the size of your clan mugs need space to store stuff.

I myself am probably breaking the rules by having public map rooms in a few places / map and elevator at the Sinkhole.

I vastly agree with you though. Hard limits would go a long way but implementation is where it could be a pain in the ass. PVE and PVP are different beasts in that regard too.

As far as report meta goes I sympathize with the people that have to deal with it and it’s not just limited to PVP.

You’re not wrong. Over building and mega-build on official servers create lag and have crashes. It is even better when a build war / claim war starts between two clans that are next to each other.

Found this abomination on the official server I play on.

You either report them and wait until they get banned. Chances are high they won´t until you are of age 99 and don´t care anymore, you live with it or you move to another server. Preferably not an official server but a private instead.

Playing on official server you are always at risk getting banned for building. Counts not just for that clan you report. Others may do it to you to.

Have fun!

when a player builds next to a player preventing them from adding on to there base funcom still does nothing about I will solve my own issue by moving the base to a new location it’s not the size of the base that any one has a issue with it’s the person is taking up all the space preventing anyone else to right to grow my base is built I have no room for a animal pen of any type or size and the player logs in just enough to keep the decay timer reset and build that’s all no thralls no pets just building all over the map the same as he is building there large cities that are not complete and look like crap LoL

As far as being on the PS5 the render is nothing but don’t go in the zone on a PS4 it will freeze bluescreen and crash every time but again funcom doesn’t seem to care about others looking to play the game they must be happy with that one base and not the fact that they allow it to go on and in return as a customer I have stopped spending money on it.

as far as being new I wish I been playing since beta when it released all game modes and we didn’t have this issue sure big bases but not cities like this one this is 99% walls leading to nothing but lag.

reportable for sure, those cities in sandstone never last for long, sometimes they decay before being reported