Strong Force head

Hi there ! the Strong Force tali need 13 hit for proc 4sec buf on the 14 th hit instead on 10 hit like description said, i have tryed many times with full set on basic ataque rifle, just green rifle and head tali, same always… 14th hit proc buf…

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Can confirm this is the case.

tested with hammer using the basic Smash. 14 hits to receive the buff then after buff fades 14 more to receive again.

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This is technically not a bug, but a tooltip lacking full information: While The Strong Force’s buff effect is active, it does not count hits.

We’ll get the tooltip updated to clarify this.

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I’ve made the same mistake @Nirvelle when i misunderstood this, i’ve thought that people are trying to count when the buff is present. But actually, you need to hit the target 14 times AFTER the buff fades, which makes it a total of 18 hits to reproc the buff when the buff starts. There’s clearly a bug here.