Strongman Wheel of Pain!

Pretty cool! :sunglasses:


BDSM fitness.

So manly.


for what is it???

“The Arnold” is a strongman/bodybuilder contest under the patronage of the Barbarian himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Apparently someone built a lifesize “wheel of pain” as a tribute/training device. Silly, perhaps, but pretty cool IMO.


Definitely cool. Never worry about skipping calf day.

I’d just imagine that long term exposure to the wheel isn’t good for the left shoulder/spine if you go clockwise all day.

Imbalance in leg musculature cuz the left leg will always work harder than the right leg.


Update, NSFW language every other second. Shows the thing in action, with testimonial about needing to rely on the slats to push it. Looks dreadfully awesome, I dig practical workouts, would use it to grind flour.

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Imagine your thighs, arms, and chest after going at that for a year. lol

Yeah, that’s a joke…

I could push that all day. And I’m only 70 kg… :rofl:

You can push that wheel all day? It is rolling on eight barrels each filled with 25 kg of sand. You will never get momentum to it. Like draging a car all the time. It is said that no competitor could move it longer than for a minute. :hot_face:

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