Stuck in tutorial. Can’t do any main missions

I was wanting to test DA in test live. Character name Omegabethead.

I’m stuck in tutorial mission.

The name of the mission is “the dead rise 1/3” (Right-click your weapon to equip It)

I talked with fate at start of tutorial. Don’t know what I Did wrong. It won’t let me cancel “the dead rise mission” thus I can’t do DA because I can’t do any other main mission.


Did you take The Dead Rising, before interacting with FATE?

The best thing to do is prolly to create a new char, and only poke FATE, nothing else.

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It’s just I have spent several hours making builds ect… Sigh

Thats unfortunate. Alternative you can try catch Nirvelle on while he aint busy with other stuff, but that may just have you wait longer.