Stuck on loading screen - Single-player- Exiled Lands

Game mode: | Single-player |
Type of issue: Frozen
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

Hi, I can no longer access the exiled lands as every single time I try to load it on single player the loading bar gets millimeters from the end before it just freezes. And stays frozen. I literally cannot play the game. Someone please help or fix this asap. I can get into Siptah on single player but not Exiled lands

Steps to Reproduce:

Literally try to play the game

Hey @Samm

Is your single-player save fresh or have you been playing before? When did you start playing in this save if not new? Before 2.4.4, in 2.3, or a previous save?

Thank you in advance for the answer and sorry for the frustration!

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I’ve been playing it for well over a year! I’ve had my single player campaign save that I cannot access going in the exiled lands since I purchased the game. And it was working great until the most recent big update right before Siptah DLC dropped in May. Siptah works for single-player but not Exiled Lands. I even tried clearing my cache and doing a hard restart on my Xbox and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game

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