Stuck on main menu!

Hello, Newb to exiles, so i just bought the game from psn and i have a problem. I’ve reinstalled the game and have done so twice, this will be the 3rd time. After the cinematic, I’m presented with a main menu screen, but i cannot select anything once so ever. On the second install i could select single player or online but then it started the problem of not selecting anything or initializing the option.

Im hopeing someone can help, ive been looking at the game for awhile and finally pulled the trigger and bought it and now i can not even start the game.

Please help if you can. Thank you


Welcome to the Forum @Giestpanzr. The Funcom crew is most likely to have shut down for the holidays. @stelagel do you know of any that has had this problem.? @Giestpanzr if you fix it on your own add here what you did to fix it. This is a worthwhile game most of the time some patches coming mid January.

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Where did you store the game, in the console hard drive, or in an external?

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