Stuck up ! How do I do?


Stuck up ! How do I do ?

I got stuck between a wall (that I was building) and a huge black tree that I can not cut.

I know, I did a stupid thing…

How do I make myself unstuck ?
Is there a function to unblock (unstuck) or even die to reappear next to my bench?

You can hit [Esc] and choose [Remove Bracelet] to suicide out, or maybe breaking the wall will let you get free?

I had to suicide out when I got stuck between the Sandstorm Maniacs temple and the green wall… So i know there are places and ways to get stuck. lol

Press E and break the wall you built.

OK thanks. :slight_smile:

I can not interact with the wall with the E key, maybe because I’m facing the outside of the wall ?

I tried to break it with my sword or my ax but nothing helps, I can not destroy it.

If I take off the bracelet, am I dying? Do I get it back when I come back to life ?

you do die though do you have a bedroll or even a bed down nearby?

Yes, close by, next door ! lol

Then you should be able to pick up your stuff off your body after you respawn.

What a jerk ! I did not think to hold down the E key … I’m stupid ! lol

That works as well.

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