Stygian Invader Armor - armor value possibly wrong

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

The armor values for the new Stygian Invader Armor (Epic) seem to be incorrect. I’ve compared a quick comparison between some similar (also giving out +10 stat bonus) armor sets - used the Argossean Phalanx (heavy) and Khitan Captain (medium) sets as reference points:


Chest pieces:


It seems clear that the epic version of this - allegedly heavy - armor seems to be more in par with the medium one, than any heavy counterparts. To add insult to injury (took at agile = 0) - the Dragonbone armor (also a “clicky”, recipe armor) provides not only more stat bonus (13 vs 10 on the Invader set), it also provides higher armor value:

Just as a reminder - the Dragonbone set is actually medium armor, not heavy.

Expected Behavior:

To have the Stygian Invader Armor set have armor values in line with other standard, +10-stat bonus, armor sets.

Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Unlock the armor recipe ( TeleportPlayer 101079.023438 38813.5625 -12439.511719)
  2. Craft the armor at any of the T4 benches, with a T4 armorer (shield symbol) thrall (best armor value bonus)
  3. Compare it to other heavy & medium armors that give +10 stat bonus
  4. Ask yourself, how could the implementer overlook that, was it mixed with stats for a non-epic heavy, or something?

If possible, could I please ask for some feedback from someone, if this is indeed a bug or oversight…?

It is a lower-tier armor. Not all light/medium/heavy armors have the same stats. Compare a baseline heavy helmet with a hyperborian slaver helmet with a vanir heavy helmet. The higher the tier, the more armor they have. Sygian armor is a mid-tier armor at best and won’t be as powerful as a top-tier.

It seems like it’s a nonepic set from the numbers, as epic medium is pretty close to to nonepic heavy armor.

It’s also possible it’s not getting the bonus from the bench or the thrall. Maybe you could try making a set without the armorer too see if it’s getting the bonus. Since it’s giving you 10 attribute points it seem like at least part of the bonus is taking effect but maybe the armor bonus isn’t?

How to get the Stygian heavy armor recipe ?

The Stygian Invader armor recipe was added in the recent update (2.5)

On Siptah, it can be learned from a book in the main Stygian camp.

Could you tell me the cords of where it is? :slight_smile:

I’ve checked it and the T4 shieldwright bonus does seem to be applying (in the original test) - without, the value looks like this:

@Jinkxd , sure - you can find the recipe on the crates at:
TeleportPlayer 101079.023438 38813.5625 -12439.511719

@Velius I’m not sure if I can agree with that - after all, it uses the “Perfect Heavy Padding” instead of the regular one, which normally would indicate that it is an “epic”-class set. It also has the purple brackets in the corners, which - as far as I can tell - also indicate an “epic” class of armor.

Second - from what I can tell, it seems to be missing from the list of armors - it’s neither displayed among the regular (non-epic), epic or even the Library of Esoteric Knowledge - seems a bit strange, as other Siptah “clicky” recipes (Primitive Man, Black Corsair) seem to appear among the epic category.

And last but not least - I checked the values and indeed it seems that the regular (non-epic) Vanir heavy (176 base armor value on the chest piece, doesn’t require “perfect” padding) and even Stygian Soldier - also heavy class (168 base armor value) seem to outclass the supposed “epic” Stygian Invader (160 armor value on the chest piece).

Actually, looking at it from that perspective - it does seem like an oversight on Funcom’s side, in which they either cut the regular version - but for whatever bizzare reason, the stats ended up being applied to the epic one - or that due to some miscommunication the implementation was not finished, which resulted in the armor not being added to the proper “armor (epic)” category - and ended up with the regular stats, while requiring epic materials.

Anyone knows any Funcom-side representatives we could give a shout out to, for attention?


I think’s it’s pretty obviously an oversight. They sorted some table the wrong way or something, and now the stats for the epic version are those of the normal version, and the latter is missing completely. Probably a copy and paste mistake.

Probably will get fixed sooner or later. Hope sooner.

Hey there,

We’ve sent this to our designers to see if it is AsIntended :tm: or if it is in need of a fix.
Thanks for pointing it out.


Nice one.

On a more general note: production quality is somewhat questionable with Conan Exiles. But it’s a small budget production, and the only one (I know) that scratches its particular itch. It’s really great to see increased effort to fix stuff and do small improvements over the last year or so. Despite all the complaints, one can see the team’s effort.


Thanks you for picking this up, @Ignasi - I appreciate the support. :slight_smile:

While if it’s deemed an oversight, we’ll most likely see the notification in the patch/update notes - would it be too much to ask for a short note in this topic, if it’s decided no tweak is required and that it will stay the way it is now, please…?

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This seems a clear error to me. Standard heavy epic has better AC than Stygian Invader, which requires far better ingredients (star metal bars vs hardened steel), as well as additional hardened leather. There is no reason to make Stygian Invader in its current incarnation.

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Well, with the introduction of appearance masks now - and the overall nerf to armor stats - that luckily doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue. :wink: