Stygian Invader Armor set (Concern?)

Recently I have come across a real concern about this heavy armor that I have discovered about a year ago in the Isle of Siptah which I now recall has a unique appearance, however the armor value is just bizarrely not aligned with the base armor value of our current Epic variants. It is labelled as a Epic armor set which even requires the base Epic heavy padding yet the armor value of it is questionable as a low measly total of 457 vs the average 810(spawned using the Admin) standard of all/majority armor of that category. Is this a unintended issue? Was it meant to be medium armor or did this occur during a certain period where all armor had those values? Please, I wish for some opinions on this matter. I really do love this magnificent set of armor, however If I were to choose it vs any other set… Due to the armor value I would decide on any other, unless I was in a RP community server. I appreciate your time!

Thank you


3.0 will let you use illusion magic to change the appearance of craftable armor. Pick an armor you like for the stats and slap your stygian armor over it. :slight_smile:

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Happy anniversary @OdinValensir, this is a really good reason I never used this set too and I don’t know if there is a hidden secret behind this set. I have huge gaps in Siptah, I would really love to know more about this set too. Thanks for bringing this up :+1:t6:.

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