Suddenly decaying even tho decay is OFF

Game mode: [Online | Rented Gportal server
Problem: | Decay is acting weird |
Region: [Europe]

Random constructed items decay. Foundations, walls,
workbenches, fishtraps and more.
This started “suddenly” with no server settings edited!
Tried turning decay settings off/on, reinstalled server. Tried soem fo the savegame backups.
Downloaded the savegame and loaded it in as Solo-game and still happens.
My local server settings matches the online server settings.
No wonder stuff has been vanishing from players on my server
when stuff just decays by itself even tho all settings are good :frowning:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Well… i have been going through a ton of posts with similar issues and only thing that seems to be logical is that the “purge system” is causing it.
No matter what settings used purges happen even if players are offline or online and anything built can be destroyed no matter what settings used.
This did not use to happen in the start when the system was implemented but i guess this is why my server is down to 2 active players and a ton of angry ppl tired of rebuilding everyday when it is a pure PVE server with decay and structure damage OFF …

So i disabled purge and see if it sorts it.