Sugestions for better servers

So i had this ideas to make our exiled adventures more fun, challenging and enjoyable in Official servers.

  • Pay to acess servers. (Only ppl who pay a monthly subscription could join this servers.) I personally hate this one but it is what it is.

  • Temporary servers. (Join, Destroy everyone and control the server. After 1 year the server is wiped and we have to start all over) this avoids alpha clans domination in PVP and provably avoids the server lag in PVE due to PVE clans stacking items for years and building absurd massive bases all over the map.

  • Maybe just a wipe on most of the servers? They are all at 1000+ Days most of them are full of lag and fundation Spam, they screaming for a wipe.

  • Maybe reduce the amount of PVE servers. There are servers with no poppulation at all and several servers with 2 - 4 players playing alone there. Provably dont want to leave because they have a good base and lots of stuff. But maybe if you gave them a better option to start over… In a more populated server.

  • Server events? Certain weeks we get harder purges. Purge meter raises faster aswell.

I think mainly the temporary servers really should be a thing. Our options right now is joining a Official server wher there are clans dominating for Years there and we have no chance, or join a private server with admin abuse.

I think this would bring more ppl back to the game aswell if you give them an opportunity to start from day 1 with everyone else.

But anyway this is just my ideas and i really would like you guys to share some ideas aswell. Maybe they would listen to us and implement some of them!

Would you please expand on this option and benefits?

I already pay a subscription to play online on official servers and a paid private server can be further limited by using a password.

I can try

The benefits i see is maybe only players who really want to go and experience a smooth game with legit grown up people who can talk stuff out and work together for a better gaming experience would join. Since the officiais are full of trolls, fundation spammers who wouldnt even consider paying for this server.

But of course this is just an idea, it could be like Year subscription or Pay to join the server, enjoy for a year and then server wipe

Well, payment will not solve the issues you described.

Since you posted the suggestions on the PlayStation section, there is already an existing yearly fee charged from Sony to play Conan Exiles on Official Servers.

I kinda understand you, but the trolls already pay Ps Plus to play this and every other game.
Having a specific server with a Yearly or monthly payment could separate the people who just want to ruin other players experience from the ones who really love and enjoy playing conan exiles. But i believe Siptah could fix this problem since its a new map that you need to Pay to have it. Doubt the trolls will be there. At least most of them wont be there.

That’s a possibility not a guarantee.

Alright, since your other suggestions all have “server wipe” theme in common, a separate server list would be ideal for that type of game play.

The other servers need to left as-is. After doing a bit of server jumping myself, due to lag and connection issues, I have seen the best and worst out there, and sometimes the decay system will work it’s magic.

For me personally, any additional payments (beyond PSPlus) need to come with a guaranteed level of service and connection.


It they started to force people to pay a sub on top of their psplus sub to play conan many trolls may leave sure but many good players will go with them. Personally I don’t play official servers much because often they have a decay and I don’t have the time to play every single day. However when I do I been lucky to not experience many trolls probably because I am a pve player. I did have a kid join my private server once and try to harass me for admin password so he could change the server settings to what he likes . I laughed and Said go buy your own server … he never show up again.

I think you can black people though if you needed to.


Yes you can black list people on private ps4 server. Did it recently however the only way I see to do it is if they are on the server. If any one knows how to do it otherwise I would like to know. Thanks.

You guys really focused on the Payd server idea.
Its an idea, im not asking for it to be implemented. I just had some ideas and shared them with the community.
Apparently everyone stops reading at: Pay to acess servers. (Only ppl who pay a monthly subscription could join this servers.) I personally hate this one but it is what it is.

You have to know thier psn I’d.
Then have to have an already existing blacklist file on gportal.
add the ids as new lines.
That is hownit worked when I had one.
But I only had to ban 4 or 5 players.

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Thanks. Have only banned 2 people in 3 years. The fellow I banned actually banned the very first about a year ago. He was admin and went ballistic tearing down a base when someone else actually had him pissed. I know he has a least 2 other account. Might have to check into old screen shot. I assume when you type in someone name that is in Gportal site?

You will go into the area with save files etc. If you have anyone blacklisted there will be a file named blacklist. Open it and add psn ids as new lines each. That’s how it used to work. d9nt know if it changed.

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