Suggestion: Ability to leave messages for other players

Please incorporate a way for players to leave messages for other non-clan players. The Siptah Lectern would be great for this.

The rational for this suggestion is as follows:

  1. It could improve the server community by allowing greater communication for players
  2. It could add new aspects to the game such as as “Visitor’s Log” or other RP uses.
  3. It could cut down on players unexpectedly being base wiped or banned due to a TOS breach.

This last rationale I’d like to touch on a bit more…

When players build, it’s easy to lose sight of the TOS. It’s also easy to overlook how their build might impact others or the overall server performance and playability. Having a way for a player to leave a note to a base owner communicating such things as:

  • Please pull back your wall from the path up front, you are likely violating the TOS.
  • Your 8 foundation wall high over this large of an area, is creating significant lag for me when I enter this area.
  • Your use of fence foundations spiderweb throughout the grid, is possibly violating the TOS.
  • I have noticed potential TOS violations with your build, please reach out to me and I can help to offer suggestions.
    – etc. etc.

I’ve heard time and time again from the offending/wiped/banned player that they had no idea why the action was taken from them. Likely someone reported them to funcom to investigate. If the reporter had a way to share these concerns with the base owner of concern beyond when they are both logged in, I think that would go a long way.

The intention of course is to improve communication and build community. I tend to believe people don’t intentionally want to diminish the enjoyment of the game of others.

Lectern or other item used for this purpose could allow for a couple of line note to be placed and be time date user stamped from the player leaving the message.

Just something to consider or debate.


We have this already. They’re notes, in the decorations category

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LOL…I just got the strangest image of a Conan Guest Book sitting at the front door.

If we get this in the bazaar, does it come with cucumber sandwich recipes for the oven?

Can I place notes in other players building?

I think the problem is that placing them is a build action and you cant build too close to enemy base.

Can u place lecterns?

The last thing i want is a player outside of my clan sticking notes around in random places in my base!!!

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Yep, anybody who steals from me gets a note in their containers detailing exactly how I snuck in.

Personally I would love to have it so that FC contacts a person to tell them what to fix and give them a week before they destroy a base. I know it would take a lot more work on their part but I think that the players would be much happier with that and that way they learn what they have done that is against the ToS so they do not do it again.

I have been the subject of a ban without a delete that I was able to appeal and was told what was wrong and allowed to fix it. I have also (more recently) been the subject of a base delete without a ban and I have no clue what was wrong with that base.

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