[Suggestion] Are you going to look at avatars and alters after 3.0?

Right now most other players I have talked to regard Set as the most important avatar alter to have for Set potions now this could just be for pvp. The other avatar alters seem to be beside maybe decoration to be ignored (barring the need for a bubble/tokens, again pvp).

The issue is that there just isn’t much interesting coming anymore from these alters . Now don’t get me wrong the outfits can be fun for some (RP), but by and large the impact of the alters seems to be much less than during release.

So too it . Are there any plans after the release of 3.0 to revisit avatars and their alters and their role in the game too keep players interested enough to actually go through the process (grind to collect zeal) and risk (too large build to house them due to distance requirements) to use them in the game ?

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To be honest, seeing an avatar wreck a base in the ea trailers is what got me interested in this game in the first place. Since my server is fairly isolated i havent had the fear of an avatar attack, which is why I constantly advocate for a level 7 difficulty Avatar purge.

That being said, the religion system as it stands is in somewhat of a shambles. Other systems of gameplay are much more rewarding especially now with 3.0. The grinding is not worth the reward, flat out.

Once the Age of Sorcery has passed, it may be high time for the Age of Gods to begin.

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Hear hear.

i think that altars need an overhaul in general, and their size should be far more smaller so we avoid unnecesary land claim so we can have less chances of being banned.

i personally like the avatar system the capacity of having a nuke if you don’t have bubble is a good risk/reward balance and i like that now only t4 priest are able to summon them.

and i know that crom doesn’t answer to prayers, they could still add some incentive to his religion not necessarily coming from crom himself. but rather their priest/devotees.


Not sure what that would be though as Crom doesn’t require prayer as far as I know and only chooses when to even notice others when he feels like it. As far as I remember in the stories is that Crom gift to man is to give that first will to live.

no more need of avatar, with this wonderfull update (sacartic) that have nothing to do with r.e.howard universe, you can now have every toxic kid living in sandstone hut, and wiping everyhting with a storm spell that cost nothing, all servers wrecked, thanks funcom, it’s no more a survival game, good bye.

They better be… you know next season, Age of Gods maybe (religion overhaul) or else…

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