Priests are useless?

Okay first, Yes top level priests give you access to the bobble and avatar. However beyond that all of them (at any level) are useless. They don’t make things craft faster and they don’t make things cheaper. Can we address this? There has to be something to make getting one worth the effort.


There aren’t many things one would mass produce on altars in the first place, so getting a discount or crafting speed reduction wouldn’t be a big deal. But you’re right, priests are basically cosmetic add-ons to altars. I’m just glad I managed to capture a T4 Mitra priestess during the “naked Purge” bug season, so at least one has actual cosmetic value in one of my bases…

Altars in general feel like they could benefit from some extra love. Building them is a pain, and most of the stuff you can craft on them isn’t really worth the effort. Getting craftable Legendary-tier weapons is cool and all, but without cost reductions, how many are you ever going to make? (Well, you could make one for each of your thralls, so… 56 if you keep one for yourself.)

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Yes. The whole religion system in the game needs a complete overhaul. Everything about it seems like it was designed around the idea of avatars as a siege weapon plus stuff thrown in to hold you over until you could summon an avatar. It must have seemed like a good idea at the time but as early access progressed to launch and beyond, the use of avatars as siege engines started to reveal a number of issues difficult for FC to address. These issues mostly related to balancing with some avatars clearly better at destroying bases than other avatars. This lead to many private servers banning them almost since the beginning and official servers banning them later on.

Without active avatars, the altars only provide some craftables which are situationally useful (but very useful in those situations). The cost of altars and their size are not warranted, however, for these non-avatar benefits. I recall one interview or stream a while ago where FC pointed out that the size of the altars was intentionally big so as to make them difficult to hide given their importance in summoning avatars. Also, one of the reasons given by FC in the past for limiting the amount of religions in the game was because of the level of effort involved in designing the avatars (not just art, but combat style and balancing).

Personally, I would prefer if FC just accepted that the avatar was a flawed design concept and get rid of it altogether. Then they could redesign religion around smaller altars that provide unique and interesting craftables. This would also make it easier to introduce new religions since the most complex part, the god design would be eliminated.

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I’m not here to start the dang religion overhaul debate again. There are multiple posts for that already. @TikaTheHungry

As far as power and usefulness of alter items your right @Kapoteeni they are a bit under powered compered to other things. There was once a time before hardened steel came out when the phoenix sword was one of the best in the game. Now it is all but worthless. The whole thing could use some love indeed. Maybe have priests give some sort of effect around the alter depending on how good they are and make the items inside leveled better for the increased power of the new stuff.


Yes they need to bring back more variations on the crafting thralls, now when all lock the same boring uniform.

Yes tehy are only cosmetic but whit no variation, And give them atleast sone unik decoration crafting stuff they can make.

Yes, altars need some love. Crafting time and resource costs should be improved by the level of the priest just like other crafting stations. Named T4 priests should be more rare and be able to craft unique items. It would be nice to be able to change the clothing priests on altars wear.

When sorcery is implemented, maybe we’ll see more features from altars…

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Given how under-powered the religious weapons and armors are, I don’t think it would unbalance things too much if higher tier priests were able to craft exceptional or flawless versions of those items. It just feels bad that by the time we’re high enough level to make them, they’re essentially obsolete.


I offen have a dander insted off a priest standing ther,

Cimmerian priests are truly useless. You can knock them out and break them in a wheel of pain but Crom has no altars. So you can’t even place them into the game environment.

I agree about the Cimmerian priests. It makes no sense that they are used in Ymir temples.

Crom isn’t the only god worshipped by Cimmerians. He’s just the most well known because Conan says his name once or twice in Howard’s stories and quite often in Schwarzie’s movie.
In this game Cimmerians priests are priests of Ymir so it make perfect sense to put them on an Ymir altar.
Remember all human people found in the Exiled Land are exile, except maybe the Lemurians who might be there since the sinking of Lemuria. And not all Cimmerians are in the Forgotten Tribe faction. In fact you can Cimmerians in any faction, like any other exile. And if you can find them in any faction, you can get one being a priest of any of the god worshipped in this land.

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Yes spec when no one realy worship Crom, thats an bad ide to get his atantion. … no preast ther…

Conan himself swears by Ymir’s name in Howard’s books, as well as some other Northern divinities. Crom was the chief of Cimmerian gods, which alone implies that there were others.

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But i guess religion will gets its candy when magic comes to the game!

Correct. For the record some of the other Cimmerian gods within their pantheon included:

  • Babd
  • Diancecht
  • Dagda
  • Lir
  • Macha
  • Mannanan
  • Morrigan

Although there is very scant details available surrounding them. The topic of Cimmerian gods and religion is commonly regarded as an unfinished area by Howard.

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I must agree. While an Exalted Altar of Ymir can produce a Berserkers Draught if Anastera the Seeress is placed on it, and a T4 Purge Derketo Priest offers some unique Lures, that is about it. It would be welcomed if they at least offered some bonuses in crafting, speed and reduction in raw material consumption.

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