Yog and Mitra priests?

So I recently nabbed Yog’s Chosen from the summoning place and the named Mitra priest from sinner’s refuge. I put them in their respective T3 altars and I only see the option for the god bubble, not the true name tokens. I thought it might be related to avatars being disabled right now, but my Jhebbal Sag archpriest in his T3 altar does have the god token available to craft. The only difference is when they were broken (Jhebbal Sag priest was broken before avatars were disabled, other two broken just yesterday).

So are these thralls incapable of crafting the avatar summoning token in general, or is it related to avatars being disabled right now? Obviously it’s not urgent, but I’ll farm other priests if they’re duds, so to speak.

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Gods are disabled on officials atm. I think Ymir also can craft the token but you won’t be able to use it anyway unless you need it to store it by exploiting certain mechanics or dupe it or dupe it and then store it.

I can test for you if enabling the gods returns the god token craft to the menu. Will report back.

So after the test …
Avatars Disabled:

Avatars Enabled:


I could be wrong, but I don’t believe the same npc would have different abilities based on when they were captured. Just doesn’t line up with how I think the programming works, it’s a database of items, would be tedious to tag and create new.

ADDED: last time summoning was disabled, you were still able to craft half of the god coins. Can’t remember if it was the 3 OGs or the 3 expansion ones

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