Make Priests Useful

I heard that the new lead wants to do work on religion. I would like to just give a gentle little nudge nudge at the fact that T1, T2, and T3 priests are currently useless. Please make them do something.

Um… no they aren’t. Not any more useless than other T1-3 crafters anyway. They all give bonus stats to religious gear.

Also, T3 priests can craft bubbles and god tokens.


I agree, priests need more game reasons.
side note, T1 and T2 are meant to be useless. They are rng fails so to speak.

I don’t know if its really useful but I would like to put thralls i don’t have any use on chairs and other spots just for decoration.
Let every sitable placable have a slot for thralls like on benches. Maybe also some other placables where thralls do some actions maybe with emotes? For example a carpet or a statue and a priest would do some pray animations.
Or as a place where taskmasters make pushups.


When did they make that change?

Same time as all the other crafter thralls were reworked.

That is something I would love to see added to the core game - one of my absolute favourite mods does something very similar, but there’s a constant chance it could break down or stop being maintained (as the modder has every right to do). It makes so much difference to bringing the base alive by being able to place all those spare (low tier…) crafters and have them perform simple actions/emotes - I really hope this is something Funcom are looking at :slight_smile:


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