[Suggestion] Create a button to save UI changes, or autosave them periodically

Preferences (hotbars, item positions, etc.) are currently saved when the client cleanly exits. This means that a player can spend a good amount of time setting things up, only to have the client crash (cough ICC cough) before they quit playing, which conveniently reverts all of your changes.

Please allow us to either manually save them somehow, or implement a system that does this periodically.


If I remember right, there’s a / command to manually save it, but it’s been so many years I don’t remember what it is now.

I have to re-do my GUI an average of 5 times per character due to how often the client crashes, and it’s really annoying.

I would recommend relogging after making GUI changes. It’s not as convenient as pressing a button, but it saves you from having to redo things.

Srsly… Never had Problems past years🤔

Yeah. Except lately i’ve began to think that the game crashes on purpose whenever i do GUI changes.

Looks like every time i configure UI for a new char or upload a bunch of new nanos and organize hotbars, the game crashes just seconds before i get to relogging.

Just last night i had to redo UI for three characters several times. In the end i had to relog instantly after every change no matter how minor. If i tried to do more than one UI change at a time, it was always instant crash before i could relog. I know it’s probably just bad luck but it really sucks.

And when i got the UI finally ready and setup and got into playing normally, the client also stopped crashing.

So yeah, please let us save UI changes while in game somehow!

WTB an /exportui and /importui command. Would make setting up new characters and restoring old characters that crashed take about 2 seconds…

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Make it how you want it, log out, log back in, saved.

And you dont even have to do a slow logout.
2 x Alt-F4 Saves it too.