[SUGGESTION] FF Combat (Fun&Fair)

Just venting, with a request that will be taken by the wind. Since most of these issues persist since the EA days, so my guess is the majority of ppl prioritize RP or playing with friends casually messing around that all this is quickly forgotten or not noted at all.

Also note there are still things missing, let’s just start small, and then we go from there.

1.-Reduce the turn speed of enemies (They basically are aim bots)
2.-Add some recovery to enemy attacks (Like the Hyena bites and shoebill beak attack), soome enemies can basically throw attacks like a machine gun, giving you no time to block or dodge.
3.-Adjust attack cones (AKA being hit when you’re visibly not near the attack), like the rhino thrust/charge attack.
4.-Add some wind up animation to 0 (or near 0) frame attacks (like the shellback type enemy hand swipe, big cat claw attack, etc)
5.-Fix the stamina bar. As in, make it to regenerate gradually and constantly (like any other game pretty much), instead of instantly recovering chunks of it.
6.-Also, the penalty for depleting stamina should only be a delay in the start of regeneration, not having to wait until the whole bar is filled. This makes combat slow and boring since you run out of stamina pretty quick, and have to constantly wait for a chunk to regenerate.
7.-For humanoids: Reduce the ridiculous recovery on heavy weapons (2H sword/Hammer) on finishers.
8.-Normal movement speed while locked onto an enemy.
9.-Augment the range of the lock on.

10.-Add the ability of equipping weapons/shields like armor. The hotbar should be a way to quickly change between weapons, not the only way to use them.
11.-Better yet, add a separate hotbar dedicated to equipment, that lets you cycle through your equipment. There shouldn’t be a problem with keyboard, nor controller. In the game Tera Online, they manged to have like 18 hot keys for skills by using the shoulder buttons as modifiers (like you would use shift in a keyboard).
12.-Hotbar remembers what you had equip upon death. We all know how annoying is to get back to your body, grab your stuff, and then run like a little girl to start the tedious process or rebuilding your hotbar.
13.-Add an easier way to draw/sheathe weapons.
14.-All but massive enemies should reel from attacks. For example skeletons don’t flinch no matter what you hit them with, so they can attack you freely, thus, you can’t attack them without taking damage. As a side note, I’m pretty sure the rebound on shield block is never enough to counter attack after.
15.-Show armor and damage values on the description of the recipes in the feats buy window. For example, you can’t know what the phoneix mitra sword has, until you actually craft it.
16.-Revome the passive hp regen of enemies.
17.-Make that run cancels the lock on to allow for quick escapes.
18.-Low to the ground enemies are still very hard to hit, many attacks from combos of all weapons miss.

Friendly suggestion: don’t dismiss your own post right in the beginning, because it doesn’t make people want to read your post. You just come across as passive-aggressive.

Friendly suggestion #2: don’t dismiss your readers and fellow players, because that makes you seem adversarial and even people who might otherwise agree with you don’t want to support your case.

Some of your suggestions have merit, but the way you present the case doesn’t really make me feel like I want to get involved into this discussion any further, either.

You’re an old hand on these forums, so if you feel that people are dismissing these ideas of yours… well, maybe the problem isn’t in the ideas themselves.

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