Suggestion for PVEC

A system where having over a specific number of building pieces (like, 5k) makes your buildings damageable.

PVE-C would be able to police building in officials the same way PVP can. Staying under a healthy and forgiving building limit keeps your buildings safe, but overbuilding and being inconsiderate can get you blown up. Win win.

No. Capping the number of building pieces won’t solve any actual problems on the server, such as resource blocking, performance problems, and griefing. Everything else is not a problem, it’s your own personal preference. If those preferences are so important to you, there are private servers to cater to everyone’s whim.

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Spoken clearly by someone who has never played PVE or PVEC official on console. Take a look around buddy. A building cap is NECESSARY.

It would be necessary if it was going to actually solve any problem. It won’t.

This has been discussed countless times before and, frankly, I’m tired of digging this up for everyone who thinks they’re the first to propose it or who’s too lazy to look it up. I’m not gonna hold your hand and walk you through the reasoning. Look it up, if you want.

Or don’t, I don’t care. I’ve voiced my dissent about this non-solution and that’s as much as I wanted to do here.

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