[Suggestion for Raid Gameplay] Siege tower

Today i wanted to share an idea based on what i’ve seen on this forum and what funcom was saying before the game release in early access.

It’s about siege tower.

i think such a feature could find his place in the raid/siege possibility while adding another depth to large skale conflict.

but first, here’s the visual i had in mind (mostly because i know my english isn’t flawless so a picture could explain better than words in this case) tawah

It would be a 2 or 3 man operative tower. The idea behind is about speed ratio and assault. The siege foundation could not be build on an enemy land claim, but could be push torward it in order to break in the castle.

wall from diferent tier could be put on, up to a 10 wall height max. Tower foundation will be at 2 stability point instead of the classic 4, and the more the tower is heavy, the slower it will be moove after.

data :
number of building piece-------2 pusher speed---------Solo pusher speed

 1-2                      100%            80%
 3-4                      80%              40%
 5-6                      60%              10%
 7-8                      40%              0%
9-10                     20%              0%

In bonus to this, it could be use for nomad solo player in order to have a mooving base.
What you guys think of it ?

Edit : reskale & correction


I think a better solution to the movement would be having it require a new thrall recipe introduced to the torturer table that lets you turn any archer dancer or fighter thrall into an engineer thrall. They would serve only as inventory thralls from there on out and would be required for the towers to move and future siege weapons. Depending on what tier base you built (which could determine how high you are able to build), would require X amount of engineer thralls to operate (move) the tower. As for commanding it, the tower could have 3 stances.

  1. Follow: The tower will trail behind you wherever you go.
  2. Stay: The tower will stay facing in whatever direction it last was.
  3. Advance: The tower will go a short distance away from where you run into it and then stay. In this stance you must first have the tower in “stay” so you can then start directing where it will advance towards.

Maybe even for trebuchets you could place an engineer on there to fire at the last location it was shot at, with a faster reload speed for higher tier engineer thralls (T1- 35 seconds, T2- 30 seconds, T3- 20 seconds.)

yeh i was thinking of rhino could carry the tower aswell, but since we don’t have a real order system for thrall & pets i’ve figured out that it would be simpler to be push by player.

Tho your idea of an ingeneer thrall could be nice, if i get it right, the tower would be consider like a folowing thrall but with lower speed, right ?

Exactly, it wouldn’t work without X amount of thralls so it moves at a slower speed than thralls but that would be expected.

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