Some Suggestions up for debate

Buildings, Crafting Stations, etc.

  • Ladders, doesn’t take up as much space as stairs, faster than an elevator, better for shorter distances. Would be pretty useful in PVP base defense.
  • Increase the elevator speed up and down slightly please.
  • Siege Equipment (Ballista’s, Catapults, Battering Rams, Siege Towers, etc.) offer some diversity, and bring the in the element of group dynamics and additional strategy when waging against another base. (Love the Trebuchet and Oil Cauldrons!)
  • Wooden Palisade able to place closer together, maybe foundations placed down for them to allow placing them closer in possibly a smoother path.
  • Poor Building Place Suggestions, the AI system has some wonky building suggestions some times it’s a huge fight to place something as simple as a foundation.
  • More tiers of buildings, making the players unique in which tiers they choose, each having their own advantages/disadvantages compared to others at a similar level, better used in different biodomes.

Upgradable system for Crafting Stations:

  • 3 Tiers of Building Tiers(Basic Building types & Temples); midis well have 3 levels of crafting stations it’ll help against any mid-level(before master building’s) disinterest and cut down on amount of extra buildings and unneeded thralls slowing servers down.
  • Researchable through the building itself just like temples, or thralls perhaps.


  • Carriers only have 5 slots no matter what level of Carrier you have.
  • Thralls have aggro issues, unless something attacks my character my thrall is going to be motionless. I’m thinking more of a stance idea, Aggressive, Defensive, Stand Ground, and Passive to be implemented.
  • Following, your only allowed one thrall at a time. Now, I don’t want an army behind me and I get the reasoning behind this due to server lag and so on. But even if you were able to have 2 – 3 max following you, it gives the appeal of a small raiding party especially if your by yourself taking on the cities.
  1. Adjustable Attributes with Perk System, just like our character
  2. Feats, feats wouldn’t be like our feats, but certain passive adjustments.
  3. Leveling/Tier System – Players grinding away to leveling up instead of always looking for better thralls, and still using the tier system to describe the thrall’s ability
  4. Racial Advantages – Certain races prédisposed to certain professions more then others.

EG: Blacksmith Level 5, Tier I – Norwegian
Level – Out of 60, just a unit of measurement, points awarded when leveling up are spent on profession specific statistics.
Feats – Categories, and obviously applicable to their certain use. EG: Conversion Cost (Iron, Steel, Hardened Steel), Burning Cost, Speed of Conversion.) These are all things you use now, but now your allowing the players to customize how they want their thralls exactly.
Tier – 4 Tiers remaining, the higher the tier the easier it would be to level up, also the more feats they have available to them.
Race – Lets just say the northerners were renown blacksmiths, now having a Norwegian blacksmith would give you additional passive feats, or bonus attributes.


Bows – I know your fixing the light and heavy attacks so I wont bother with that. However, I think we should have a slight zoom-in when taking the time to aim. Also a thought, possibly adding crossbows as another ranged combat, higher power, but slower reload time. Just to add diversity.


  • Once we have discovered a obelisk we should be able to view their locations on the map when we open it.
  • Upon death it would be nice if we had multiple beds that we would be able to choose when spawn point to choose from.
  • PVP, when fighting with clan members there should be an option not deal damage to them when attacking side by side.
  • Purges – Instead of beasts perhaps a strategic attack from neighboring villages, towns and cities, perhaps even sieging your settlement
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