Suggestion for STR Archers / ACC Fighters

Make throwing weapons STR based. If an Archer has a throwing weapon in hand it doesn’t consume. Problem fixed.

Example for an archer that could use this: Varpnir , Heirs of the North.

Make weapons that seem like they need accuracy ( dexterity ) like rapiers, maybe spears ? daggers…accuracy based. Fighters that have 30 accuracy because of their faction are still useful that way. Problem fixed again.

Example for a fighter that could use this: Astak Wild-kin, Blackhand.

A nice bonus for this : More weapon variety for different factions / thralls.


Yes! that would be awesome, i also though about it, accuracy perks could be more than ranged attacks but precision strikes, to have a better chance to apply some DoT or status (bleeding, poison, maybe cripple).

I don’t know about you guys, but i find the accuracy perks kinda useless, they could have a better use than only to ranged attacks.


A higher probability for certain perks would also be nice. Like an archer getting an accuracy perk more often, a fighter a strengh perk and so on…

I really like that, I kinda feel that the attributes need a rework on thralls AND on PCs

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Fun fact: in the real world, bows (actual war bows) require more strength to use than two-handed swords, whereas using a sword requires quite a bit of manual dexterity and coordination.

From a game balance prespective: making some melee weapons ACC-based (or some ranged weapons STR-based) would create a “dump stat”, ie. a stat players wouldn’t need and still be good at everything they need. It might limit my choice of weapons, but if I could deal top damage with both some melee and soem ranged weapons while maxing only one stat, I’d do that because it’d still give me more tactical flexibility than being able to use all melee weapons effectively but suck at shooting.

Right…so lets stick to everyone using the same meta weapons because they can use everything with one stat eh ? Variety comes with a build. IF you can use a good ACC-based melee-weapon AND are good at shooting what’s the problem ? If you are very good with STR-based weapons and throwing weapons deal more damage for you what’s the problem ? What you are saying is just picking the simplest option and that seems awfully boring. Needs less planning for a build and introduces LESS variety, instead of more. Also: This still doesn’t adress the problem that certain thralls are useless with their …as you say “dump stat” in the wrong attribute for their class.

I just read your comment again and because english is not my first language - i’m thinking i misunderstood you maybe ? Could you elaborate again if your argument was essentialy for my idea or against ? Or rather, what did you mean now xD

I wasn’t categorically for or against your idea. (I don’t usually directly oppose anyone’s suggestions, unless I feel they don’t fit in the game, in which case I usually say so in plain language.) Sorry for being difficult to understand, it’s a bad habit of mine.

What I was doing was point out the potential weaknesses in the idea. This wasn’t to say your idea was necessarily bad, just that it needs refining so as to be good for the game. On principle, I like your idea because I’m a great fan of “finesse” weapons such as rapiers and daggers. But we need to make sure we don’t replace the current “meta” with a new “meta” by making one stat too good.

First of all, thralls operate on a different set of rules than players. They don’t have stamina, they can’t dodge, and the stats they have give them slightly different bonuses than they give to players. So when designing a feature that is dependent on a stat, we need to consider thralls and players separately.

Thrall stats are currently based on their faction, not their class. I think this would be better fixed by giving more STR (or at least more likelihood of increasing STR) for fighters and mroe ACC (or better chance to increase ACC) for archers. I’ve studied the tables of thrall stats and damange multipliers quite extensively, and it’s easy to come to one conclusion:

Some thralls are categorically better than other thralls.

And I’m a bit torn about this. On one hand, I think that’s fine. People are different, as they’re supposed to be. Some are better fighters than others. On the other hand, it’s a problem because it drives people, especially in a competitive game, towards certain choices. If one thrall is the best fighter, then everyone wants that one, and all other fighter thralls become basically redundant in the game. That’s a waste of design space.

Me, I kinda like the second-stringers. I’m currently rebuilding my Complete Collection of Named Noob thralls, ie. Exile, Darfari and Black Hand. I’m training Enica of Cimmeria, a T4 Exile Fighter, as my go-to companion. She started with 0 STR and has the Exile damage multiplier, which is significantly weaker than e.g. Relic Hunter or Cimmerian multiplier - but she’s doing just fine. It’s fun watching her struggle, grow and get stronger. Now, at level 13 she has 12 STR, plus a few points from armor bonuses and food, and she helps me clear Mounds of the Dead. I haven’t taken her against any of the harder bosses yet, but my point is - you don’t need your thrall to be the bestest ever unless you intend to go against other players who do have the bestest thralls ever. That’s why I feel it’s fine that some thralls have silly stats for their class.


I support this idea, as I hate the waste of points (fighters with accuracy, archers with strength)
while accuracy could be used to increase critical damage for fighters it will be difficult with strength for archers.
without bigger redesign of strength/accuracy attributes I am for giving the base points of strength/accuracy dependent on the class. the Multipliers are fine as they are, but the base points are wasted when they go in the “wrong” attribute for the class.
nevertheless, if funcom invents a system, where strength can be useful for archers and accuracy for fighters, i am in also.

Alright, thanks for the explanation, now i get your point :slight_smile:.

Also, thinking about it, str should also increase bow damage and range

Another suggestion I keep trotting out whenever we’re talking about these mismatched perks: give secondary bonuses to STR and ACC. That way, STR would give damage bonus to melee weapons and armor pen bonus to ranged weapons, and ACC would give damage bonus to ranged weapons and armor pen bonus to melee weapons.


I’d rather they fix Acc stat and its perks so they work right. XD

Str “helps” with using throwing weapons and Bows, but isn’t a requirement.

Theres part of me saying they should make certains weapons “tools”, So they fall under no stats.
I use Bows as my Main, I’d like the perks to work abit better… Bows are abit of mess, and kinda behind in damage. (which is understandable cause of how gamepaly works.

Then again… take away use of Acc, Then why have it? Can’t Spell SAVAGES with out it. XD

I miss Str perks working with Bows… You could give up End or Surv, to really round house the stats.

I just got a wild idea regarding fighters with high ACC but wimpy STR: they can work as recruiters. Someone with high STR can do lethal damage even with concussive weapons, accidentally killing the people you’re trying to clobber unconscious. But with a low STR they do less lethal damage.

Admittedly, that still won’t let them use their high ACC stat to that still goes to waste unless you use them in a secondary role as archers (and some of them, being fighters, have a rubbish “hidden” ACC multiplier so even with a high ACC they might still suck as archers). But there’s still a use for pillow-fisted fighters. Yay!

I would be all for this, though acc I would say wouldn’t necessarily increase your critical damage (how hard you hit for things is still how strong you are) but maybe increase the chance of said critical hit. If you’re striking precisely and know how to do it you hit them where it hurts. I could see accuracy increasing the chance of a bow hitting, or a precision weapon hurting because you have expert control over it. And the strength being the physical power behind said strike, or even how much force will be behind the arrow maybe even how fast you can actually shoot, if you have more str you can draw the string to your cheek faster etc… I would definitely like to see acc and dex effect things like knives where you want to be able to move in and out of fights and not get hit. But I also see all of this as being moderately difficult to code in, and with the number of other things it’d be probably somewhere far off on the horizon for their plans.

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