Attributes changes and others

I dont like that str is for melee and accuracy for ranged only because range never will be meta, and in most build its 0.
Ranged weapons are fun, but in limited way, it would be better if You didnt had to do dedicated build for them.

My suggestion is to change str to incease damage, accuracy to increace critical chance(150% of damage) 10% base, each point adds 0,5%.
DELETE TRICK SHOT its useless, make new perk put it on 3rd spot (+10% crit chance when stamina is above 70%

AGILITY: iron endurance -move to 3rd position, its too good perk to be first
effortless leap nerf- jump cost 50%

ENVUMBRANCE: deflection rework - defleft 15% back to enemy so it will be little bit more useful in pvp if want go deep into it

SURVIVAL: also each point also incease regeneration from potions bandages, 5th perk - potions and bandages also heal nerby clan members/pets/thralls, 3rd perk also incease damage of pets by 20%

I like the healer support idea of the Survivalist attribute.


I’m pondering different names for some of the attributes. I feel like some of them could use new, clearer names. Encumbrance and Survival feel fresh, but the rest… :thinking:

are names that important? :smiley:

i also think heavy armor need some love, like passive crit resistance.
they should also make light attacks usable while moving that would also help heavy armor pvp

Its not Useless, Its just shouldnt be a perk. I use this all time to nail stuff in ankles when ts rushing at me.

Thing with crit damage, is people build towards this… and the …what little diversity there is goes away again. spears needs a adjustment right now.

Range needs a buff…badly… even at x2 damage, bows are trash with out later perks. Even then. But… the Games AI, just isnt up to par to deal with it.
(I’m a Bow user)
Acc itself should do more damage, or more bleed by 3rd perk. Or more damage to headshots.

I’m Happy with “SAVAGES” Stats as is, But ya, the perks could use some swapping or fixing.

Humanity utilises terminology to memorise and interpret cosmos to deliver responses faster than otherwise (e.g. mathematics). When it comes to deceases and damage control, we utilise names and other details to backtrack toward patient zeros and other possible contaminated targets. Think about a scenario where some or all this detail is lost. It’s not a pretty sight. Names are important.

In CE we have been arguing about attributes since day one I wager. Encumbrance and Survival specifically. Just recently someone came here and told how they sensed Encumbrance and brought a whole new perspective as a sound reason to the table. The argument lives on in the level of features, but no one argues about the nature of Encumbrance anymore. Just because the name Encumbrance now involves a proper definition. Same thing with Survival. This made me question the names of Strength and Vitality. Their nature seems sound, but in relation to the other attributes, the names aren’t on the same level and thus can conjure accidental unnecessary misunderstanding.

Ummm. Accuracy is actually the meta breaker.

If you are wearing light armor and using a spear or pike I will murder you

also i dont like idea of atribute points on gear.
make an amulet or samething for that so i can do some fashion

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Crafted gear should start blank with a basic armor or damage rating and be modified from there. For example armor temperature resist mod kits, or weapon bleeding or crippling mods.

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