Another Perks and Attributes Rework

-Attributes are as simple as they can get, they seem more complex the way they are presented, but are basically your character status like in any RPG, except if you don’t put any points into them, a lv 1 character is the exact same ad a lv 60, since the stats are static, you get what you spent on. At the very least, Hp should increase naturally with levels, and boosted by putting points in Vitality.
-Attributes were spread too thin, make some of them weak to stand on their own, others just stat dumps. For example, Accuracy and Agility are too closely related they could be merged into one: DEXTERITY; same with Vitality and Survival, both attributes work towards the same goal, they don’t need to be separated.

-Make attributes start at a base (Races can be used as “classes”), for example a Zamorian would start with more Agility, Darfari more Strength, etc. Then each lv up, those stats apply a permanent increase to the char; (Ej. At level up, a char’s hp will go up depending on how much the vitality stat has), then, putting points into attributes will be like an investment for next level ups.
-Merge Attributes so we are left with 4 main attributes:

  • STRENGTH: Grants a bonus to dmg of melee weapons. And a minor bonus to javelins and daggers.
  • DEXTERITY: Grants a bonus to ranged weapons (bows, hatches and javelins), as well as daggers.
  • VITALITY: Grants a bonus to Max Hp and Stamina regen; determines how long negative effects last (bleed, poison, cripple), how much temperature affects you (how long can you maintain temperature), and the effectiveness of food, drinks and potions.
  • ENDURANCE: Grants a bonus to Max Stamina and carry weight, determines your breath meter, how much dmg extreme temperatures do; Stamina consumption (attack, roll, jump, climb), and how fast the food and water meter depletes.

Problem: Perks were a good idea on paper, but weak on practice; many of them are basically the same (Iron-Hard Muscles and Bronze Physic), others are unnecessary or redundant like Strong Grip (a 10% bonus to climbing is irrelevant when you can do way better stripping naked), or Pack Mule (you’re already gaining carry weight by the very act of putting points into Encumbrance, if the bonus was 50%, maybe, 10% completely worthless), or Double Jump (not only is just a VERY expensive luxury, is buggy AF).



  • Thuggery - Same
  • Salting the Wound - Changes to SAVAGERY - Increases the effectiveness of cripple and sunder only
  • Slice and Dice - Removed for being redundant (You already are gaining bonus dmg by putting points into strength). Changed to STRONG WARRIOR: If wearing all Heavy armor, grants a bonus to defense. (ALTERNATIVE EFFECT: Makes you immune to Bleed as long as you wear all heavy armor).
  • Brutal Strikes - Removed for being redundant (You already are gaining bonus dmg by putting points into strength). Changed effect to: Heavy attacks with 2H weapons have a chance to knock down enemies (increased knock back on enemies that can’t be thrown).
    ALTERNATIVE EFFECT: Attacks with 2H weapons (except daggers) are 10% faster.
  • Blood-mad Berserker - Removed for being useless, not worth being a tier 5 perk. Changed to BLOOD LUST: Killing an enemy grants a boost to attack for a small period, stackable up to 10 for each consecutive kill.

I’ll leave it at that because it’s not really my job to figure out game mechanics for developers, the core of the suggestion is that the perk and attributes system should be looked at, because it can be so much more than just being bare bones like now.

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