Making Throwing Weapons Viable

In the current state of the game, they fell very… meh… for a few small reasons.

  • 1: They have to be stackable, limited to 3 or 5 stack per slot, like the majority of skirmishers throughout human history did.

  • 2: They need to be retrievable, if you miss, you should be able to grab it from the environment again, if you hit you should always be able to take it from you opponent shield of flesh, but if that is too much, if we could take it back from the corpse it would also be excellent.
    obs: I believe your enemy should also be able to take the throwable you launched at them, back at you.

  • 3: Shouldn’t have a much lower damage value compared to other one handed weapons, but should be limited to a 3 hit combo max ( as it actually is ) with no finisher avaliable.

  • 4: The damage of the throw should by influenced by strength rather than accuracy, the latter attribute should just improve your chance to hit it, in a rate that, if you are in a “spear distance” from your opponent, you shouldn’t miss even if you have 0 accuracy ( or maybe 10 if it’s too cheap ).
    obs: In reality, I don’t like this old rpg aspect, I prefer a more dynamic approach like Skyrim does, but that’s not the current state of the game, so, we should work with what we have.

Also, throwing should consume more of the weapon durability than a normal combo would, but should deal much more damage, in conclusion, you should be able to use less durability to do the same damage in melee that you could do throwing it, consuming way more durability.


Agree there must be some use tobthrow weapons!

Yeah, they really don’t feel viable atm over the bow and arrows. Also, no one will toss Star Metal around if they can’t atleast recover it.