Differentiating [Fighter] and [Archer] (Followup)

Following up from points made here.

I’ve taken some time to think over the discussion we had. General consensus seems to be that if FC follows their current path with Thralls, combat type Thrall denotations should merge, as the two titles effectively mean nothing.

Players also want the system overhauled for transperancy. Hidden “Wild Thrall” multipliers need to be decoupled from Converted Thralls to make that possible, and ideally the Attribute System should take over from it. I’ll leave that to other minds to discuss how.

Back to the [Fighter] and [Archer] debate, it was also brought up that the denotations could stay if they actually meant something. To that degree I thought up a few things that could change to make a meaningful difference between the two. Feel free to add to or discuss.

Fighter (Could rename to Warrior)

  • favor Strength, so no Agility based perks and 40% maximum Agilty growth
  • +1 to the length of combos done with Strength weapons
  • slightly higher health than archer counterparts

Archer (Rename to Scout)

  • favor Agility, so no Strength based perks and 40% maximum Strength growth
  • +1 to the length of combos done with Agility weapons
  • Granted the Agility Attribute perk “Deadly Shot” (Doubles Projectile Speed and helps negate damage fall off) for more consistant hits.
  • Increased bow range from 30m to 50m (last I tested, they can aggro from 50m but won’t shoot unless within 30m of their target

Personally, I don’t need anything fancy. I need my fighters to hit things with weapons, and have enough hitpoints in order to not die in the process. I need my archers to shoot things, and preferably not die to someone randomly throwing a pinecone at them.

Thrall perks could do with some less randomness based on whether they are an Archer or a Fighter.

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