Fighting class of slaves

I need help. :disappointed:
What’s the difference between archers and fighters? Before the update it was clear but not anymore. Please see my picture. This archer has 57 on melee and 17 on ranged.
Should i use it for melee now?
The Name “Melee fighter”and “archer” is just a name?
Do the values ​​decide if it is melee or range fighter?

Funcom has said this is a mistake, and will be corrected in a later patch.
they’re working on it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe they said that Archers getting Fighter perks is a mistake they will correct.

The thrall pictured is, I believe, an Archer from the Heirs if the North, who will continue to have a base 30 Strength and 0 Accuracy.

Mind you all it says is the % increase to Melee or Ranged damage, and as we don’t know what that is a % OF, the numbers given don’t tell you a whole lot. Do Archers have a better base Ranged and worse base Melee damage than Fighters in the same Faction? I would hope so, but no one knows for sure, except the devs who are keeping it “shrouded in mystery”.

I do not understand why funcom programs something and does not test it sufficiently. Not even the obvious things like the deformed HUD.
The worst thing is that there is no transparency ins this case. Why don’t you display the basic values? they did it with the animals too. You can catch slaves in Jungle, and can bring them to level 20 in 1 hour. they need only the half experience. Are they worse than everyone else?
maybe you have some informations for us?

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