Same base values for fighter/archer thralls


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I know it was discussed already. But I like to bring this up again.
From my point of view it makes no sense, that a fresh broken thrall has same values as an archer.
The best example is the relic hunter treasure seeker (rhts)
archer/fighter have these base values:

Strength: 0
Agility: 15
Vitality: 10
Accuracy: 20
Survival: 0

Obviously this are values good for an archer (accuracy)
But they are bad for a fighter.
I really ask for making this a bit smarter.

In this example I would use these values for a fighter

Strength: 20
Agility: 15
Vitality: 10
Accuracy: 0
Survival: 0

a fighter gets those points in strength an archer has in accuracy

in common, a fighter should have a bit different values then an archer.

The statistics you have show, that in many cases fighters have base values from archers.

For me it is a bit annoying to have fighter rhts with accuracy when fresh broken.

And as the base values are fix, this can easy be implemented

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. break an archer thrall rhts
  2. break an fighter thrall rhts
  3. look, they have the same values
  4. accuracy 20 is senseless for the fighter, he gets better 20 strength

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