So a number of my archers have better fighter attributes and visa versa

Am I better off sticking with bows on archers and melee weaps on fighters, or does the title they are born with actually make a difference? Should I use an archer with zero Accuracy bonus and 15 Strength bonus as an archer or fighter? Same question for the Fighter with loads of Accuracy and no Strength?


I see it this way. As far as I have heard and notice there is really no difference between a archer and a fighter other than the stats they are supposed to prioritize in and what they come with once tamed / fighting. With that knowledge put a bow or melee weapon in the hands of what ever you think would benefit best with the stats they have.


honestly as lame as it is for a pvp aspect just tame beast master teimos.

Usually gets 10-1kk hp on average. with 50+ Accuracy makes exceptional archers and fighters.


An archer with 100 STR will do less in melee than a similarly equipped fighter with 0 STR from the same tribe.

There’s a hidden stat (which can be found on the wiki for each thrall) called MeleeDamageModifier. This is what makes fighters fighters. And its also what makes Relic Hunters better than Black Hand or Votary better than Darfari.


Yeah, as Taemien says its all about the hidden damage modifiers. Fighters have much higher melee damage modifiers and archers have much higher accuracy modifiers. So an archer with high strength still won’t be as good as a fighter with low strength in melee, in most cases.

You can get an idea of how its divided up from the CE wiki - for example:

But as someone else already mentioned, just get Beastmaster Teimos. He is insanely powerful. I’ve got one with 15K hp and 32 strength and I’ve never seen him take more than 50% damage from any boss in the game. He’s also really easy to find.


Ok, very helpful advice!! I appreciate it much! I see Teimos is really well balanced!! Too bad I’m on Siptah. I’ll keep checking my thralls on Wiki to see what those hidden stats are. It is really a shame we can’t see those ingame.

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lol, yeah my bad - I keep forgetting Siptah exists. :sweat_smile:

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