Suggestion: How about a Farming Friday?

Dear Funcoms and all the other exiles here,

how would it be if there was always a “Farming Friday” on the last Friday of every month on the official servers? My thinking behind it’s this:

We already had the fact that you gave us a bonus like this for a whole weekend when there were these incidents of hard being able to log into the servers. As a result, some players lost their bases, because they were unable to update their decay timers at that time. And what should I say? Back then the servers had been very busy over this weekend with double yield when farming. :sweat_smile:

I think it would be a win for the game and our community considered in the long term if we had an event like this on the last Friday of every month. At the end of the month, most people have little less cash to go out and party, and friends might say to each other, “By Crom, let’s play Conan Exiles on Friday evening. It’s Farming Friday on the official servers!”

Maybe even then it would always be possible, if technically possibility given and if it would be necessary to increase the performance of the official servers for that one day, so that everyone can also enjoy a very smooth gaming experience.

:grinning: Share your thoughts on this proposal with constructive feedback! :+1:

PS. :point_up: And if you, dear Funcom team, implement this idea, then you can thank me with a “This you can trust” beer mug. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not, one day of the month is ok to have better harvesting rates. Count me in to this thought :+1:t6:.


:pray: Thank you for your positive feedback, setlagel! But I have the suspicion that my suggestion here seems probably too unimportant to be pursued further. :sweat_smile:

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You cannot imagine my friend all these years in how many posts i was “alone” but eventually, one way or another i saw them happen in game.
1 reply, a thousand replies THEY LISTEN. That’s why i love them so much.
And please keep in mind, we, the forum, are not the only playerbase for feedback. Except the social media, Community admins are linked in many discord pages to gather feedback for devs. So when they see something good, no matter the replies, they promote it to gather feedback. So “whatever comes” say it, you never know :wink:.

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I’d suggest a whole weekend (Friday through Monday even). There’s many people, especially those in the target demographic, that work fridays or weekends. Sure, it makes for a nice bit of alliteration, but restricting to a single day wouldn’t help many people. I suggest Friday through Monday as I’ve seen games do this with bonus xp or whatever. It allows for people to log in at some point most convenient to them to take advantage. Meanwhile, those that wanna do it all four days will have more than enough time to farm and play casually if they so choose… or farm the whole time and be good for a while. With this in mind, I’d probably suggest every other month. It would be a fair compromise so as not to make it overwhelming.


The argument makes sense. In my opinion, however, it should not last more than two days to a maximum of three days at a time and take place at most once a month.

This would be why I suggest 4 days and every other month. It limits the amount of time to exploit and requires more planning—the chances of majority of players grinding non-stop for 4 days is significantly lower than those that do. If you manage to complete all 4 days, you basically get the same affect as 2 days per month. If you don’t, then you miss out for another 2 months. This basically caters to those that plan for it, rather than spontaneous actions. However, it also allows newcomers to take advantage if they’re feeling behind. Additionally, making it Thursday through Monday would coincide with the Tuesday updates to the bazaar, thereby increasing traffic for more consecutive days. Typically players log in to see the rotation of items. If you give players a reason to log in for more consecutive days, you increase traffic and revenue. Also, Funcom SHOULD be able to produce a large banner NEW item every two months at the very least, encouraging the Tuesday bazaar update to be a new big item, which would increase the hype of the “event.”

Dont want to ruin the mood , but do we really need it ? Seeing how its already x4 , i get it if it was the old x1 or 2 but like one run of brimstone can get you like 700 dragonpowder .

Ugh… one of the main reasons why I had a hard time maintaining my presence on official PvE during the first year. It was EXTREMELY grindy and took forever to make any progress with building and farming. Still, I won’t say no to the occasional double harvest event. That’s why I suggested every couple of months. It’s less impactful on the server, but would increase traffic to the servers.

I was recently talking to friends about this again. If you still want to find some use for the solar eclipse maybe, such a special day of harvest would be a good opportunity. True to the motto: “Ah, solar eclipse - double the yield!” :sweat_smile:

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