Suggestion: How to fix ANNOYING 3sec MAP loading time

When You push M key / open map it freezes game for about 3 seconds making You vulnerable in PvP or even PvE.

It probably happens due to MAP MARKERS loading from server.

How it can be fixed? Give OPTION to disable/enable MAP MARKERS from map page - now you can turn off map markers, map should open instantly without freeze. You need to see markers? No problem - just tick box to show them!

For easier understanding there’s image:

I somewhat doubt that this is the issue because the map opens instantly on IoS with all its markers and I seriously doubt that both maps use different code for their markers. Furthermore, EL map used to work just fine before IoS EA release.

You are wrong.
On singleplayer it works perfectly, on servers it lags - it have to load markers from server. I tested it many times. My point still stands, that option would be very usefull.

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