Suggestion: Lower the level requirement for using a tier 1 mount to 20

I mean really… This has to be one of the most fundamentally flawed aspects of this game, the fact that you have to get halfway to the end before you can even get a mount. This is a turn off for new players.

@funcom … I’m trying to help you out here… Don’t you guys like to make money? More players = more money $$

Being level 40 does not mean you are “halfway” as the xp amount increases… you are not even close to being half. And lowering requirements for pretty much anything won’t result in more money or players.

I go as far as to argue that because it takes newbs longer time to walk around without a mount they spend more time exploring around while doing quests, resulting in actually being invested in the game… resulting in staying in the game and paying a sub

On side note, speed gear is your friend.

I think 2 months sub= legendary mount at level 1.

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You’ve also had 6 (mammoth, 2 panthers, lion, horse, spider) lvl 0 mounts given away over the last 2 years that anyone can ride so I don’t think the new players are really hurting.

I’m also with Delred on the whole mount / no mount thing. The only time a mount really comes in handy is at higher levels when bypassing MOB’s isn’t really a big thing xp-wise.

While I’ll acknowledge a lot of players come into ANY game thinking they have to have a mount prior to the game intro, it’s actually better for them to wander, kill stuff and get to places on foot.

As for the OP’s money comment; they already sell mounts in the store for those that don’t want to wait until lvl 40.

Unless you are doing unconquered, 40 doesn’t take long by doing quests, no pl, no boosts either.

A truly new player should indeed wander, learning the class as they go. And simply exploring is almost a lost art, this game is exceptional for it.

I remember my early days of being afoot and it wasn’t that great. Thankfully, now I have an account wide polar bear ready to go at 20 when I roll anew.

BUT I agree 40 is fine for mounts.

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I agree the level to get a mount should be lower. It’s not as if it’s WOW and you are running vast distances. But it is still a decent distance you are required to travel still. On that note in comparison, you also get a mount early in WOW.

Now don’t take me for a WOW fan boy. I were playing AOC at release, and didnt play WOW until 2018.

A side note. AOC atmosphere and environments are spectacular, and worth exploring over any mmo I’ve played. But when you just want to get from point A to point B, it is very annoying when low level and not very familiar with the best routes and shortcuts.

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when was the last time you ‘naysayers’ actually played a f2p account that started from the get go? and then also tried to take the newbie’s PoV of not knowing the interconnections of AoCs world?
No achievement ports, no veteran ports, no totem (until you MAYBE find out that sanctum drops one), prolly no guild port and just 1 Asura, that is bound to 1 - maybe suboptimal - location. did you ever try to get from field of the dead or ymir’s pass to khemi under these circumstances in the last 10 years? you have to ‘wander’ alot

Yeah, when I started the game, I had no teleports, no veteran tokens, just good old path of asura, and no other bonuses of any sort.

Only difference between when I was new and when “you” guys are new. Is that I actually had to pay SUB to play, and the game was harded. You are just assuming that vets had everything when they started the game, we certainly did not, its the new players that have everything from guides to youtube videos to nerfed content on how to do stuff.

Oh and the game was alive so pvp was a thing when u were leveling so that added another layer of challenge that new players do not have. (if you chose pvp server)

On side note, I have rolled several new fresh accounts, that have never subbed so yes I (we ) remember.

My question is, are you in hurry for somewhere?

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Just last month actually. I too have a totally F2p account made after the big 2016 change for the express purpose of tracking just how ‘hard’ life is for new players.

And while I do know enough to open up the map to look where I have to go, which some don’t, it’s not all that difficult an account to play.

so you really think that not beeing able to move around at convenient speed adds “difficulty” to the game or makes it hard?
and just because some of you had to “earn it the hard way”, everyone has to?
gaming culture has changed over the years and its the game that has to adapt to the gamers and not vice versa. i do not welcome all of these changes, but some quality of life changes are just a good development. and lowering the riding reqs to level 20 certainly does not equal a nerf of raids, raidfinder, daily login BS etc. But what small QoL improvements actually do is rising the accessibility of games, and not beeing accessible is probably the biggest problem of (dying) games and content

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Yeah gaming culture has evolved into googling everything after 20 seconds because people nowdays lack any sort of imagination or creativity to do stuff themselves, and to cry about everything that is even a little bit inconvenient.

This is old game, its never gonna get population boosts of any sort, no amount of “quality of life changes for the snowflakes is gonna make them come here.” So how about we keep it for the old gaming community or we have to go and nerf pre khitai dungeons for full t4 people who are somehow not able to do this content.

And why level 20 is the milestone for the mount? why not level 1. U are making the game less accessible for people that have hard time reaching level 20. :crazy_face:


No you said that. I said ‘it’s not all that difficult an account to play’, and it’s not. I don’t have Global, big deal. I have a 10g cap, doesn’t really effect me on the lvl 1 to 80 journey. I still get AA points, just not by leveling. I can’t send Tell’s, which is a bit of a pain if I want to answer someone’s question without cluttering up NPH.

I’m sorry, remind me again why a F2p account is at such a disadvantage?

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This is a dead game because too many of these vets such as Delred Believe that any sort of change from the norm as to what they’re used to or what they’ve gone through previously they are vehemently opposed to.

They’re perfectly content in their tiny little sandbox with no players.

I suggest small quality of life improvements because I know what the common man wants.

I’m not posting these suggestions to pander to vets because frankly you guys aren’t going anywhere.

Lowering the riding restriction to level 20 just makes f****** sense. same way lowering the level cap to White sands back in the day to 20 instead of 25 it would have prevented countless people from quitting the game for being relentlessly farmed, my wife included.

If you don’t like the suggestions I post that’s your choice write your own thread about it and offer some actual constructive views instead of oh well I had to do it this way everybody else should suffer just like me

It’s true misery likes company but deal with it get over it

Walk it off go back to your regularly scheduled programming Funcom will either take these suggestions and implement them or they won’t you guys are bickering for nothing.


next step will be to give tiger to everyone since basic horse is way too slow?

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You seem to not have understood the point of a forum, Spreadicus. When posting anything here you have to expect opinions from others. Otherwise just send Funcom an email.

  1. Not convinced that lowering the riding requirement of level 40 to level 20 is necessary.

  2. Lowering it shouldn’t have any negative affect on the ‘establishment’.

Experience: The appropriate maps to level from 1-20 and 20-40 are packed with quests and targets; one cannot avoid leveling by simply killing what’s between point A & B.

Bypassing quests and targets of opportunity impairs experience gain tremendously. And, the basic riding mounts don’t have -stagger and are very slow to mount, move, turn, and dismount. It can be more efficient to play with beginner(s) on foot.

Cynara’s Age of Conan Blog, Comparison of Mounts (2014), .

*Subscribe 2 months = Legendary Royal War Steed
**Advanced Riding Cost 50g was lowered to 5g to accommodate free-to-play
***Advanced Riding Skill book was sent free for the 12th anniversary mount (80 not required)