It seems unreasonable to make us wait til level 45 to. .

So recently I jumped on an EU PVP-C server and started a new character. I was eager to change my looks to the one I had configured on my solo account using the magic mirror thing. Much to my chagrin, I have to be level 45 to get the feat. Why do I feel like a child again, with the grown ups telling me I’m too young. . .
Is there some reasoning behind this or is it just another rabbit pulled out of the RNG hat? And yes, I know its an easy grind to level 45, its just annoying, sorry.


I just discovered this lol. When did it become a thing? I haven’t leveled a character up in years.

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@JJDancer take a walk around the map and lvl up will come very fast.
@Halk, I didn’t knew this trick, damn, still learning :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Some of these feat milestones do seem a bit arbitrary.
Why , if you can already build the roofs and the walls, do you need to wait until level 40 (ish) just to build a thatched awning?


It is very familiar in online games things to change all the time. But… It is very true at the same time that we learn new things from time to time in this forum. Sometimes in this game we keep repeating our game play and don’t try other things. It is a really nice thing to find out what others try and worked, even if it doesn’t exist anymore, nothing is certain that it ain’t come back :wink:. Thanks m8 :+1:.

To this one there is a yes and no at the same time.
The yes is obvious, if you are a veteran player you can visit all the map from day one and in day 2 you can start defeating bosses or perhaps day 3, since it’s difficult to go alone. But at the same time visiting all the map and gaining powerful thralls will take you to lvl 50 before you even understand it.
No, because a new player won’t visit soon the mount of the dead. Even if they did, these blue skeleton little army is a pain in the…, so I think it is very well balanced. One thing however that I believe is that we must have the ability to use earlier than 60 is the dragon bone weapons. At lvl 60 you are able to open legendary chests, so dragon bone weapons are only for pvp and this is sad. You can easily have fights lower than lvl 60 with Dragons. So maybe Dragons should drop dragon bone weapons too, especially the green and the white :wink:.

Wow, What? Didn’t know that either. This is a good thing, because until you learn epic weapons, the ones available to make are just junk. Pretty, reskinned…junk

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I feel the same about armors, until you get to epic, they are just reskinned junk. Level 46, I go to the brimstone lakes with a steel axe and literally cannot kill a rocknose. Had to run them all into some thralls that were left near there by someone.

@Halk , Stone daggers are OK with rocknoses, they fall really fast.
Now about Dragons and blues what can I say, or you are afraid of them or you just want to make your silly point as always :wink:. Green Dragons are very easy, it is just useless to kill them. Your only enemy against green Dragons is a lag. Blue army on the other hand is not an easy fight, especially when you get 3 with axes, it is a very annoying fight because they just spawn next to you, at least on ps4. They cast bleeding and corruption and combo brake, so yes they are far worst than a green dragon that moves very slow and every move he makes is obvious. Go solo in unnamed city take daggers and axe, kill the 3 hatchlings and the green and you will understand what I am saying :wink:, unless… you play another game :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Or unlock the feat but be unable to use it until you have the right base recipes. It is true that doing a dungeon and not being able to learn the recipe at the end is sad. Not saying that we should be able to use it, but since we cannot know the requirements of the recipe before interacting with it, we should be able to at least put it “on hold” I think. Otherwise it is just an additional grind not related to challenge (because if you did the dungeon once, coming back at higher level for the recipe is just easier).

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I know you play on PS4 so you might still have some cool stuff like bleeding rocknoses and xp gain from exploring. Sadly it changed on PC :sweat:
You can still poison the rocknoses and it’s very effective.

Edit :
We still get xp from exploring but it’s close to nothing so not a good way to level up anymore on pc :persevere:


@Laure , Still can you please inform us if you have any difference on green dragon moves. The red hatchling bites as well and they are annoying and difficult but the green and white are super easy and ofcurce the great dragons too.
About rock noses now, if you attack them, with the spinning move of the great axe :wink: or the short sword , try it pls because their attack can be easily stop if you fight face to face, at least in ps4 :man_shrugging:.
Thank you for all the info :+1:, I really appreciate it and I hope really soon I will experience the same way the game.

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