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Look, I get it. Leveling stops at level 60 so that “the player has to make tough decisions on how to build their character.” I’m fine with that. But could an admin setting be added to continue cosmetic leveling? In other words, you would continue to level past 60, and you wouldn’t receive any additional feats or stats? Essentially you would be the exact same as a level 60 player, but you would continue to gain levels and experience. I know many out there are probably fine with the level cap, but others like myself would enjoy a continuous leveling option so you don’t feel capped at 60 (which takes hardly any time to achieve).

So this would be ‘prestige levels’ in their original form, ie extra levels with no in-game benefit whatsoever? No judgment, just trying to understand the request.


Exactly. Thats what I was thinking. I think you summed it up better than I did Mikey.


I believe this would raise more complaints than do good. People will insist on benefits and content to be added for these higher levels. If mods are an option, look at Paragon, if not mistaken it has an option to disable both feat and attribute points past 60 if so you wish and allows you to level to 300.


Do not ever forget…
A king that sit in his throne for long time becomes soft!!!
60 is good and the content after 60 Is best!!!
Yet, it makes you forget how you get there and this is bad :wink:.

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I haven’t really found a use for regular leveling, much less leveling past 60 if I’m going to be honest here. Case in point, unless you’re playing on a seasonal servers, play on multiple servers, or simple get bored enough of your characters to reroll. You sit at level 60 for thousands of hours versus about a dozen hours 1-59.

You end up having to develop more content for the high end which makes more and more of the map inaccessible for newer players who have to catch up. Which takes longer and longer as time goes on.

The inverse is you have not enough content to make such increases worth while and thus trivilize entire sections of the map.

As for cosmetic leveling. I don’t know how this would even be implemented. Or even why. I don’t put a lot of stock into someone who’s killed a ton of hyenas and gorillas over someone with some of the harder to get journey steps or achievements.

If we want to show off achievement then I would say more complex and difficult achievements would be the better option.


Leveling can be a diplomatic affair.

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I used to think this too. Until I tried it. Even at rates below 0.5x the process is still a very small fraction of your total time playing a character.

I did have an idea for what I think might be a more elegant solution. And that was to remove leveling entirely. You receive attribute points and feat points based on journey steps instead. This way your character’s advancement is based on achievement rather than any sort of grind.


I would love a form of continued grind. It does not need to give perks as rewards, but “other” things could be nice. Cosmetic’s connected to levels would be a cool addition. Every 10 additional levels a player could gain access to new hair, scars, tattoos, or other trivial or QOL benefits. Maybe even connect it to a decay timer. Long time players gain an additional week of decay timer, or so. Not really game breaking so much as a curtesy to the committed players. As most players that grind out those levels are going to maintain their bases regardless, decay timer threat does not need to be as unforgiving.

The concept of a Prestige option has been raised by myself and other members in the past. The first also included a Poll.

Personally I believe it could work, but there would need to be some limitations in place. For example, each time we prestiged it should not add additional attribute points beyond our level 60 allocation/cap (ie- 390 pts in the old system, not sure what it will be for the new 3.0 one), just slowly re-distribute our previously earned ones as we reprogress through the levels as with before. Otherwise it would destroy the fun of using different attribute builds. However I would be fine with prestige awarding additional feat points as we level up again. After all we can already earn them through fragments of power and tablets of knowledge. In addition it should offer only some minor cosmetic imcentives, such as a changing icon next to the characters health bar, or even a new placeable every X amount of prestiges. This would not only add another end game loop, but allow for additional challenge by allowing individuals to making a conscious, self-imposed decision to return to lower levels. Finally, a no brainer, but it would of course need to be optional.

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This is sort of how ESO works BTW. So there is a precedence for it - and it’s not the only one either. In ESO you can only spend so many “Champion Points” (CP) but you can accumulate much more than you can spend. This is shown in public view as a sort of prestige number. It’s used by players as a thumb guide in order to determined how experienced a player actually is in the game.

So it’s something like: once “Level 50” is achieved you are a “Champion” and can begin accumulating “Champion Points”. You can use 1,500 of them for various “Passives” and “Slotables” with a limited number of Slotables in the various “Attribute Trees”. However, you still earn CPs as you continue to play. It’s about 1 point for every 3 to 6 hours of game content interaction - depending how aggressive and/or efficient you play. So it’s not uncommon to see players with 3k or more CPs and with that comes a certain level recognition from other players that you likely know what you’re talking about when giving advice or are put upon to be an extremely effective member of some campaign, trial, or guild position.

It works… No one gripes about it. Some n00bs claim they feel a bit underwater trying to achieve level 50 and then the 1,500 usable points though - but besides that, everyone is good with it.

If for some odd reason you’re interested in the specifics there a page that explains it fairly well here:

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