Suggestion: Adustable Level/Stack by Admin

Hello there,
got 980 hours in Conan Exiles, had many Mods and more Mods more laggs appear.

It would be really great if there is an option as an Admin to change the Levelcap, lets say 0-100.
Same with stacking stuff, why not change it as an Admin, lets say 0-1000.

That all could be also very challenging on special PVP or RP Servers and for people like me who started the game since the beginning helps alot. Level 60 is no problem at all, but later on you feel something’s missing and that’s the levelup. That feeling when you levelup and able to spend points makes me happy :smiley:

PS: We had a mod with lvl 180 and 2k stacks - feels so gr8 :grin:
And it took ages to reach lvl 180.